Zircon Harnesses the Raw Beauty of Polished Concrete

RTU further expands stylish Zircon Polished Concrete range…

New Ambra Sands colour.

As one of Northern Ireland’s top ready-mix concrete and decorative concrete suppliers, RTU has seen these products transcend the ranks as a building staple to become an aspirational lifestyle concept. Designers, architects and consumers are increasingly finding inspiration in its form and using concrete to make powerful creative statements in their commercial and residential projects.

Zircon Polished Concrete is an innovative RTU product that supplies an ever-growing demand for this hardwearing and low maintenance product. Applications include seamless concrete floors, custom-made barbecues, and countertops, which boast highly tactile and versatile finishes that look amazing and provide customers with a sense of reliability, strength and raw beauty.

There are currently six colour varieties including the new Ambra Sands (pictured below), that can be polished in one of three ways: a deep grind for a full marbled effect, a light grind to show some aggregate or a sleek polished finish that shows no aggregate at all. These options can achieve homely and warm finishes to cool and edgy for interior styles that range from industrial character to contemporary to modern and sleek. Download the Zircon brochure from RTU’s website: www.rtu.co.uk or speak to a sales team member for more information.

Left: Zircon Pompeii Black, Deep Grind.
Right: Zircon Cream Finish Floor.

Our Other Signature Products:


An aesthetically pleasing, durable and slip-resistant decorative concrete, Exposa® is the ultimate alternative to paving, asphalt, tarmac and loose gravel. What makes Exposa® stand out from the crowd is the variety of colours on offer that allows designers and architects to be bold or subtle in their design work.


Ultrabead is a specially engineered thermal lightweight screed that improves the thermal performance of internal floors. This product is manufactured from a high-quality factory produced EPS bead that meets the BS EN 13163 standard criteria.


Enjoy improved energy efficiency and lower running costs with underfloor heating. A key benefit of Ultraflo® is minimal drying shrinkage in comparison to cement-based screeds. Minimal drying shrinkage reduces the risk of cracking and allows areas between movement joints to be dramatically increased.


Ultracem is RTU’s portland cement-based, pump-applied liquid floor screed incorporating IntegraCure. This revolutionary development creates a standout product that removes the need for a curing agent to be sprayed and allows for a much less laborious installation process.


This technically designed decorative concrete delivers a sleek polished floor that can be finished with various grades of polishing to achieve the desired look for your project. Stylish, hardwearing and low maintenance, Zircon delivers a chic and durable alternative to natural stone.

Discover more by speaking to a member of the RTU team: +44 (0)28 9085 1441; email: sales@rtu.co.uk
or visit: www.rtu.co.uk