Wearable social distance monitor for site workers

WorkSpace has just launched the WorkSafe Spacer – a ground-breaking device that helps keep worksite users safe by sounding the alarm when another wearer comes within the two metre Covid-19 safe distance…

The WorkSafe Spacer social distancing monitor.

An innovative social distancing monitor, the lightweight, wearable Safe Spacer™ is helping businesses to reopen safely and create a Covid-secure workplace.

With a compact design, the WorkSafe Spacer, can be worn on a wristband, belt loop or lanyard and can adapt to any workplace, without compromising existing safety protocols. There’s a choice of visual, vibration or audio to suit any work environment or individual need and the device can also log contacts to provide fast contract tracing in the event of a reported exposure.

The device uses cutting edge ultra-wideband radio-frequency technology to achieve precise distancing and is up to 10 times more accurate than traditional Bluetooth.

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