Urban Design Academy launched for young people at Belfast Harbour

29th June 2017 - Picture by Matt Mackey / PressEye.com

Open to anyone aged 14-18, the Urban Design Academy is an annual scheme organised by local charity PLACE (Planning, Landscape, Architecture, Community, Environment). Supported by Belfast Harbour, this year’s Academy will focus on the unique historic, environmental and social context of the Harbour area.

The programme offers a range of hands-on activities including design master classes; model-making, site visits, urban walks and interactive mapping workshops.  Running during August 6-10 the Academy will be based in various sites throughout Belfast Harbour.

Joe O’Neill, Belfast Harbour CEO, said, “In the past 20 years Belfast Harbour has facilitated the development of over 10million sqft of real estate with a Gross Development Value in excess of £1.5billion. We have supported projects including Holywood Exchange, Titanic Belfast, Catalyst Inc and Titanic Quarter.

“Belfast Harbour is also currently developing the £275million City Quays scheme which is the perfect backdrop for the Urban Design Academy to consider how to create a vibrant new urban space.”

The Academy will also appeal to those considering careers in urban design and landscape architecture. Participants will be led by a multi-disciplined team of local experts as they explore Belfast Harbour’s built environment and consider residential issues with Clanmil Housing.

Amberlea Neely, PLACE’s Acting Director, said, “This is a fast-paced and fun week, with lots of support and mentoring from the PLACE team. It aims to create a sense of excitement among its participants about the processes that shape their environments and to open up new pathways into creative careers.

“It also inspires active citizenship through inviting young people from all backgrounds to progress into built environment disciplines and increasing their awareness. With five square miles under its management and some of Belfast’s most dramatic urban landscapes, Belfast Harbour is the perfect host site.”

To be considered for the Academy, applicants aged 14-18 must register online, explaining why they would like to take part and a short description of a space they admire.  Only 20 places are available and will be allocated on a first-come, first-serve basis.  Applications must be completed by 5pm on Monday, July 16. CLICK HERE for more information.