Unlock the health benefits of touch-free access solutions

Reducing physical touchpoints at entrances helps improve hygiene standards…

In the aftermath of the pandemic, dormakaba recognizes the importance of not touching door handles and other surfaces when entering a building or a room, especially when it comes to healthcare environments such as hospitals.

A successful hospital must create an environment that is hygienic, secure, and accessible to patients, staff, and visitors, and it all starts when people enter the building. For main entrances, automatic sliding or revolving doors with sensors that can be set to open and close when people are nearby are ideal. dormakaba’s entire range of automatic doors is designed to be fully integrated with the company’s comprehensive range of access control solutions. Their line of revolving doors also contributes to a great overall first impression and safety.

A touch-free entrance system immediately introduces a journey through the building that aims to reduce physical touchpoints to improve hygiene standards, getting rid of unnecessary push pads, handles, or push bars where possible.

Special attention must be paid to the areas open to the public, and toilet and washroom facilities. The dormakaba compact reader 91 10 offers touch-free access and safety in a neat little package. The users identify themselves by holding their contactless RFID ID cards up to the compact reader and all information is encrypted. Another smart option is the dormakaba digital cylinder, which can be installed in any internal door. All you need to do is hold up your valid card or key with RFID to the external knob, and you are in.

As one of the world’s largest providers of access control solutions and with proven expertise in project delivery for healthcare facilities, dormakaba has the portfolio, knowledge, and design support available to help specifiers find the right access control system.

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