Unlock Europe’s potential: Invest NI guides business expansion

Invest NI invites you to build out your construction business by exporting into Europe’s €14.5 trillion market…

Mark Spence looks beyond the materials crisis.

If you haven’t started exporting to Europe yet, Invest NI suggests aiming for it this year. Tap into the vast European Union market, comprising over 500 million consumers across 27 countries, valued at €14.5 trillion.

Invest NI can help you break into this market, following in the footsteps of local construction companies that have already made a name for themselves there by delivering complex and challenging contracts across multiple sectors. These include Deluxe, which completed projects for Disney and Motiongate, and McCue which worked with Primark (Europe).

Northern Ireland has a unique position in having full dual-market access to both Great Britain and the EU, presenting companies with tremendous business growth opportunities.
In 2023, the construction sector’s output increased by 7.8% and in 2022, local companies generated export sales valued at £713m. The trajectory is upwards, and increasing exports to Europe is an important driver in keeping that momentum going.

Exporting is a strategic decision that requires commitment and planning. If you feel that you don’t know where to start to prepare to take your business into the EU market, help is at hand.

Invest NI offers advice, guidance and support programmes to help you get export-ready.
It can also help with market scoping, lead generation, identifying partners, distribution channels and logistics, and more.
Complete the Export Health Check at investni.com/export to assess your business’s export readiness, identify which markets you are interested in, and one of Invest NI’s advisors will help you take the next step.

Explore the European market with Invest NI
• 500M+ Consumers: Tap into the vast EU market with over 500 million consumers.
• €14.5 Trillion Market: Unlock opportunities in a market valued at €14.5 trillion across 27 countries.
• Construction Sector Growth: 7.8% increase in the construction sector’s output in 2023.
• £713M Export Sales (2022): Local companies generated export sales valued at £713 million in 2022.
• Dual-Market Access Advantage: NI’s unique position offers full dual-market access to both Great Britain and the EU.
• Export Health Check: Assess your business’s export readiness.

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