Top Liquid Screeds

Read our list of the best liquid screeds available on the market today…

RTU liquid floor screed range

Ultraflo® RTU’s hemihydrate liquid floor screed is your perfect partner for underfloor heating and guarantees minimal shrinkage and cracking, improved heat responsiveness, reduced heat lag delay and reduced energy costs.
Ultracem® RTU’s Portland cement-based, pump-applied liquid floor screed incorporates IntegraCure to provide a standout product that removes the need for a curing agent and allows for a less laborious installation.
Ultrabead RTU’s poured insulating layer and modern alternative to traditional insulating boards delivers thermal efficiency and economy. Ultrabead encapsulates all service conduits, eliminating the thermal bridge and cold joints to create a uniformly insulated layer.



Lightherm’s Super Lightweight Thermal Aggregate is an exciting new product that offers architects, developers and builders a great alternative to traditional methods of insulating both ground and upper floors. When mixed at a specific ratio with cement and water it becomes a lightweight thermal bead screed, with exceptional thermal and acoustic properties and has thermal conductivity values as low as 0.041 W/m.k. Once onsite, it is easily installed as it is a perfectly homogenous, jointless and flowable material, encapsulating pipe and duct work and enabling underfloor heating to reach its full potential.


Mobicem Cemfloor

Available from Alpha Flow Screeds, Mobicem is a CE approved Cemfloor Screed delivering from a computerised automatic mobile mixing truck.  The screed factory arrives on site with all the approved materials and is mixed under factory production control. Mixes are pre-set into the computerised batching system with full printable batch records available for each job. Since Mobicem is a cement based screed, floor coverings can be applied much faster than calcium sulphate screeds which needs to be dried to a final moisture content of 0.5%CM, and floor finishes can be applied once the screed has dried to a final moisture content of 2.5%CM; speeding up the entire build process.


SMET LiteFlo® Lightweight Flowing Screed

LiteFlo® Lightweight Flowing Screed is a factory produced, pumpable, high-quality screed material based on calcium sulphate that is supplied to site in pre-mixed 27kg bags or site silos. Available from SMET, LiteFlo® Lightweight Flowing Screed is designed for application at thicknesses of between 20 and 70 mm and is particularly suitable for application over timber suspended floors, timer-frame houses, and in high-rise buildings and apartment blocks.. LiteFlo® may be applied as a levelling screed directly onto a load-bearing floor, unbonded on a separating barrier (polyethene), as a floating floor and can be used in conjunction with underfloor heating or cavity floors. Lightweight – high yield, 43kg per m2 at 40mm thickness, 30% weight reduction compared to standard calcium sulphate screeds.



Cemfloor, available from McGuigan Flooring, is a cement based liquid screed which can be used in all types of commercial, industrial and residential construction for finished fast drying floors.
Liquid screed can be used in both new builds and extensions, a sector McGuigan Flooring excels in. Screed can be laid at a minimum depth of 40mm (50mm with underfloor heating pipes), allowing for more insulation and less material. With over 30 years of expertise in the construction sector, McGuigan Flooring is currently working on a range of projects across both the commercial and domestic sector.