Top 5 things to know about smoke ventilation

Ensuring the safety and compliance of commercial and residential premises is paramount. Among the critical components of a comprehensive fire safety strategy, smoke ventilation systems play a pivotal role.

Jonney Stothers, Managing Director, G.S. Stothers.

Here are the top five things you need to know about smoke ventilation for premises safety and compliance:

Life-saving functionality: Smoke ventilation systems are designed to swiftly remove smoke from buildings during fire emergencies, enabling safe evacuation and aiding firefighting operations.

Legal obligations: Compliance with building regulations mandates the installation of smoke ventilation systems, ensuring adherence to safety standards and regulatory requirements.

Effective design: Properly designed smoke ventilation systems consider factors such as building layout, occupancy levels, and escape routes to maximise effectiveness and minimise risks.

Regular maintenance: Routine testing and maintenance of smoke ventilation systems are essential to ensure their functionality and reliability during emergencies, reducing the likelihood of system failure.

Integral to fire safety: Smoke ventilation systems work in tandem with other fire safety measures such as detection systems and sprinklers, enhancing overall safety and preparedness.

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