The times they are a-changin’ – OKTOair

In a world now shaped by a global, airborne pandemic, contractors and developers can meet the growing demand for the purest indoor air quality with OKTOair systems…

OKTO is behind the smartest, healthiest buildings on the planet. The innovative Irish company focuses on pioneering technologies including wellness – and in particular indoor air quality management.

Philip Dowds, Director of OKTO, says, “Sadly, it took a global pandemic for the entire world to realise what we breathe in, what we touch and how we gather indoors matters.

“OKTO believes our homes, offices, schools, workplaces and all indoor spaces should be a haven of wellbeing. That’s why our OKTOair systems have been developed to offer confidence and reassurance that our families, employees and customers are breathing in the safest, cleanest, best quality air.”

What it does

OKTOair’s system is the most advanced air cleaning system in the world. It measures and records indoor air quality which includes ultra-fine particulate matter or pollution. It feeds the information into an artificial intelligence engine, deciding on how best to deal with cleaning and purifying the air. Then using HEPA filtration with advanced DFS technology cleans it to a level that far exceeds the European Standard EN 1822, (HEPA Test) – totally chemical and ozone free. When cleaning the air, other purifying systems can include technologies which are adding to the environment such as plasma, bipolar and ozone generation.

When cleaning the air, other purifying systems can include technologies which are adding to the environment such as plasma, bipolar and ozone generation. These systems while killing bacteria are also a further pollution source into the space to react with microorganisms.  OKTOair is different. Powered by HealthWay technology, it permanently removes the ultra-fine particles from the space and deactivates the microorganism in our filter. This is the most efficient, safest and cleanest air quality improvement system currently available.

OKTOair’s technology also takes on several factors, such as the number of people in the spaces, whether the outside air is of high quality or polluted if there’s a significant temperature differential, and, of course, the time of day. It even considers if fan noise would cause annoyance. The information is provided to your client via the OKTOair app or a standard automation system.

Wellness certified

“We are currently working on what will be the first residential scheme in the UK to achieve WELL Certification,” says Philip. “And as far as sustainability is concerned, it’s worth mentioning a project we are currently working on for a commercial client.

“By installing our air cleaning system – the client will be making an energy saving of over £200k per year. It will also provide the cleanest, freshest air for their staff and customers.”


OKTOair can dramatically improve the indoor air quality within all indoor environments.

• Home: OKTOair’s bespoke modular and scalable air cleaning system can be designed to integrate within any residential building – giving residents the confidence that their home is a haven, safe from dirty, toxic air.

• Workplace: OKTOair can improve indoor air quality as well as optimise a workspace to make the office flexible to changing needs. OKTOair can do this by sensing and processing the building occupancy and taking immediate action before providing the insights and reports required to keep staff safe.

• Hospitality: The OKTOair customisable system can decide when to bring in fresh air to circulate, or clean and disinfect the air – meaning guests and staff can relax in the knowledge they are in a safe, healthy environment.

• Education: OKTOair is fully scalable for buildings up to 1million sq/ft. The HEPA like air cleaning system uses less energy than a lightbulb, representing an investment of 17p per child per day in a typical classroom. The added value of the dashboard means teachers can see the air they are breathing is clean and contaminant-free.

Future perfect

Says Philip, “When talking about what the future looks like, we, at OKTO, are using the line from an old Bob Dylan song: ‘The times they are a-changin’.

“In the very near future, people will measure indoor air quality on an app on their phones. They will be looking for venues and properties with enhanced wellness, and this will directly influence their life choices, where they socialise, eat, work and even purchasing decisions.”

Philip concludes, ”Online reputation will be directly influenced with reviews made based on indoor air quality.”

For Contractors, OKTOair’s unique systems offer the most advanced and user-friendly air cleaning solutions to future-proof your client’s indoor air quality demands.

Air quality CPD

OKTO’s CPD on Air Quality Management Systems explains the mechanics behind delivering clean, fresh and healthy air and understanding air quality issues to achieve wellbeing. Content is aimed at architects, mechanical engineers, designers and specifiers or anyone involved in creating a better environment and achieving wellbeing. The CPD covers air quality issues to provide a clear understanding of precisely what is in our air, introduces air filtration systems and gives up-to-date information on the latest advances in technology within the air filtration system sector.

OKTOair is a member of the International WELL Building Institute (IWBI), which is leading the global movement to transform buildings and communities, focussed exclusively on how the spaces around us can make us healthier, happier and more productive. OKTOair’s WELL Accredited Practitioner is uniquely qualified to explain how you can enhance buildings and communities to help occupants thrive.