The ProofTherm solution from SMET

SMET Building Products showcases ProofTherm: the popular, highly breathable insulation solution for walls...

ProofTherm is an award-winning, highly breathable (vapour permeable) insulating render/plaster insulation solution for internal and external walls. It is particularly useful for upgrading the thermal performance of older homes, where it is essential to preserve breathability to avoid damp and mould problems. This practical and affordable insulation solution allows buildings to breathe, reducing the problems and damage caused by damp. Many existing properties could benefit from better insulation. Heat loss through walls accounts for up to 33% of all domestic heat loss in UK and ROI buildings, according to The Energy Savings Trust. ProofTherm effectively increases the thermal resistance of any wall, which means its ability to resist temperature change by not allowing heat to pass through it. Better insulated walls mean lower heating bills in winter and a much more comfortable living environment in summer. A single 20mm coat of ProofTherm external wall render applied to a bare masonry wall will increase its thermal resistance by 250%. Insulating homes with ProofTherm creates a more comfortable living environment. External walls get a fresh lease of life, giving the house an instant “lift”. Internal walls will be warmer, with less trouble from damp and mould.

How does ProofTherm work?

The insulating aggregate in ProofTherm is full of microscopic air bubbles trapped in a honeycomb-like structure. Heat can’t be conducted easily through air; it’s why we now build houses with cavity walls and why we wear down-filled jackets. By creating a continuous layer of highly aerated render/plaster across a wall, we are creating millions of micro-cavities that resist the flow of heat through the structure.

A high-performance, breathable, insulating render/plaster ProofTherm uses expanded Perlite as an insulating aggregate to create a highly breathable, lightweight, insulating render/ plaster that can be used to provide significant gains in thermal and acoustic insulation on internal and external walls. The open cell, honeycomb structure of the expanded Perlite creates a thermally resistant barrier that reduces heat and sound transmission through the wall when applied as an external render or an internal plaster. Because it is highly vapour-permeable, ProofTherm allows the structure to breathe, reducing the risk of moisture damage and mould. ProofTherm is suitable for use on external walls, internal walls and is also available as an insulating floor screed.

SMET Building Products continues to champion sustainability and ethical responsibility in the construction industry, making it a trusted partner for conscientious builders and developers. SMET’s portfolio includes innovative self-levelling floor screeds, renders, plasters, Clean Wall® healthy wall systems, professional tiling systems and natural hydraulic lime products.

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