The ideal solution in a growing market

Currently growing worldwide, the adhesive and sealant market has always been an extremely lucrative and important area.

There is a shift away from traditional mechanical methods (screws, rivets, nails etc) towards chemical fixing which is increasing demand for grab adhesives. This offers advantages in terms of time savings, performance, strength and aesthetics.

These advantages have been acknowledged in industries such as aerospace and the automotive sector for years, but the benefits are also steadily gaining recognition in construction applications.

There is also a shift from some of the more traditional sealant technologies such as silicones to more high performance formulations such as SMP (Silyl Modified Polymers) and hybrid technology. These offer many advantages in terms of performance including reduced curing times, compatibility with diverse building materials, flexibility and bond strength.

Bostik has the product range to cater for this shift. These products are flexible, strong and fast and will stick most surfaces and substrates, even under water.

Bostik Next Generation products answer the needs of the tradesmen in construction, renovations and bathroom and kitchen make-overs. Bostik MSP 107 SEAL BOND is flexible, MSP 108 XTREM BOND is strong, and MSP 109 TURBO BOND is fast. Bostik will be supporting its product range with a ‘Buy 1 Get 1 Free’ offer on selected products in the range. This offer will be available during March, April and May 2018.

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