The first finish from Plastic Surgeon

A specialist finishing and repair firm is now firmly established in Northern Ireland after launching a dedicated presence in the region and signing a significant deal with Lagan Homes, the largest house builder in Northern Ireland.

With growing demand for its services in the country over the last few years, Plastic Surgeon, the UK’s leading surface repair firm, invested in a dedicated team in Northern Ireland in 2017. The company’s position within the region was further secured with the Lagan Homes partnership which helps the developer ensure its properties are in perfect condition for client handover.

The partnership follows previous work with a range of NI-based clients including McLaughlin and Harvey, and Boyle Construction. Plastic Surgeon provides surface repairs to a range of industries, using its specialist skills to fix damage caused during construction projects, either by accidental damage or through general wear and tear. Having developed a wide range of repair techniques, Plastic Surgeon offers repair solutions to a large selection of building substrates including masonry, metal, glass, ceramics and plastics.

Richard Moreton, Plastic Surgeon’s Housebuild Sales Manager for Northern Ireland, said of the contract, “Lagan Homes is the largest house builder in Northern Ireland, so to secure an agreement with them for their cosmetic surface repair is a real feather in our cap and serves to demonstrate our intent in the region.” He continued, “We’ve noticed a real upturn in interest in our skills in the housebuild and construction sectors in Northern Ireland, so we felt that the time was right to invest and establish a permanent resource. Previously, we’ve brought in resources as and when needed, but now we’re better equipped to respond within a very short timeframe to repair requests.”

Plastic Surgeon can call upon over 180 directly-employed finishers from across the UK, meaning that for large scale repair jobs it can bring in relevant resources very promptly. One of the key benefits of working with the firm is that repairing rather than replacing offers an environmentally friendly and economical alternative, helping businesses achieve eco-friendly targets in a cost-effective manner.

Mike Aitken, Sales Director for Plastic Surgeon in Northern Ireland, added, “The success of Plastic Surgeon is down to our agility in responding effectively to our client’s requirements, and highlights the quality and service offering that clients all over the UK and Europe expect from a market leader. “As demand for our services increases thanks to our economical and environmentally friendly approach, we foresee the likelihood of needing to extend our presence in Northern Ireland, and indeed, elsewhere in the UK, in the near future.”

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