Tackling Water Penetration with Thompson’s

Although your customers might not want to think ahead to the wet days of winter, spring is the perfect month to protect homes from weather damage later in the year – especially in areas that are susceptible to the extremes. Here Andy Cummins, Senior Product Marketing Manager at Thompson’s, explains the importance of recommending water seals to customers.

If water seeps into brick, concrete or stone, it can cause issues like damp and mould which, if left untreated, could lead to significant structural damage. Therefore, preventing water penetration and freeze thaw damage is important – and luckily there are solutions available that can prevent it, such as Thompson’s Water Seal.

Thompson’s Water Seal uses a unique micro silicone emulsion to stop water penetration and freeze-thaw damage. It is recommended for use on buildings and other structures, such as low garden walls – and especially on surfaces that are exposed to hard driving rain.

Before applying the water seal, use a stiff wire brush to remove any loose debris such as dust, moss and cement. Alternatively, for larger surfaces, a jet washer can be used. If this stage is missed, you run the risk of Thompson’s Water Seal not properly adhering to the surface – and this may cause it to shift and crack.

Next, use Thompson’s Advanced Brick and Mortar Cleaner to remove dirt, grime, efflorescence and limescale. After 15 minutes, the product should be washed off and the surface left to dry.

Wait until the surface is completely dry before applying Thompson’s Water Seal, as otherwise the product will lock in any moisture, and this could cause damp and mould growth. Applying onto a dry surface will also avoid any cracking or flaking and ensure a good quality, long-lasting finish. To apply, use a brush, roller or sprayer and always let the first coat dry completely before adding the second. The good news is that the water-based solution can dry within just two hours – so the second coat can be applied on the same day. Alternatively, for an even faster solution, Thompson’s One Coat Water Seal can be applied in the same way.

As the name suggests, just one coat will offer protection against rain damage – keeping time on site to an absolute minimum. When using Thompson’s One Coat Water Seal, always make sure the entire surface has been coated and no small patches have been missed by mistake.

Thankfully, cleaning down your tools after application is also quicker and easier with water-based solutions. Unlike solvent-based alternatives, Thompson’s Water Seal and Thompson’s One Coat Water Seal can be washed off the brush or roller by simply using soapy water and any residue is safe to dispose of down the drain.

To find out more about Thompson’s and its wide range of waterproofing products, visit: https://www.thompsonsweatherproofing.co.uk/waterproofing