SWC, Erne Campus, Enniskillen

Tracey Brothers delivers world’s first Passive House Premium Rated educational building…

Tracey Brothers’ design and construction of the world’s first educational Passive House Premium Rated Building is further proof that this Enniskillen firm won’t be daunted by a ‘never been done before’ project.

The 8,200 square-metre, £30m project is also the first building in the UK to achieve both Passive House Premium and BREEAM Outstanding accreditations.

Located on the former site of the Erne Hospital, the campus has a large, multi-storey atrium all along the south elevation and is built in an elongated crescent shape 20 metres high.

The south elevation has a glazed façade designed to capture solar energy from the sun. The north elevation of the building has a highly insulated timber-framed structure, which is externally clad in brickwork and coloured fibre cement panels. Triple glazing is present throughout the building.

“Achieving Passive House Premium and BREEAM Outstanding were the client’s critical sustainability requirements for the building,” said Donal McGloin, Project Manager for Tracey Brothers.

“The successful delivery of this project was an enormous challenge. From the commencement of the tender competition right through to the final completion of the build, it was crucial that all involved were 100% invested in its delivery. We made sure we were prepared for the unique design and construction challenges by training our staff, our design team, mechanical and electrical specialists, etc, in Passive House design and construction principles.

“We had in excess of 100 construction workers on site, and it was important they were aware of Passive House principles and received training. We organised workshops on site run by the Passivhaus Academy experts. This training got everyone bought into the job – they realised they were working on something very special.

“This was a two-stage tender and we had a three month design development period before we even entered the site, which is essential for a complex project like this. You have to get your design detailing right, before construction commences.”

The first big challenge was the site itself. The building is 200m long, with the western half of the site having poor ground conditions – the eastern half on Donegal Limestone rock.

“We had to cut out 15,000 cubic metres of rock to the east of the site and then place 1,200 cubic metres of concrete to trench-fill the western half,” said Donal.

“The building subsequently is constructed as two independent structures incorporating a movement joint at their connection.”

Another challenge was designing and constructing a structural steel-framed building without any thermal bridging to comply with the Passive House Premium principle.

“Obviously zero thermal bridging is a big challenge on any building,” added Donal. “Our approach to this challenge was early engagement with our design team to ensure the design was tested, modeled and proven before fabrication commenced. Connection details had thermal bridge separators anywhere the envelope was penetrated, for example maintenance walkways, brise soleil structural support, etc.”

This ensured the successful delivery of a thermal bridge-free building envelope. A further enormous challenge was the air tightness target of 0.6 ac/h@ n50. (Building Regulations requirement for air tightness is typically 2 – 4 m3/h.)

“We had to carefully consider every element in the building element from structural supports penetrating the elevations, fixing 3,000sqm of solar panels on the roof, external door and window specifications and installation etc,” explained Donal.

This complex construction project – so full of ‘firsts’ – has become a living laboratory for study into energy efficiency and conservation and sustainable construction.

“Students can see what’s been built around them and learn from it,” said Donal. “You can experience just how successful this construction model is. It’s created a very comfortable building, one that seems to exude a calming effect.”

The Erne Campus is a flagship for sustainable construction. Its pioneering Passive House Premium standard and modern design and construction push the boundaries of technology in almost every aspect of construction, with technologies that are leading edge and, in many instances, unique and bespoke for this project.

Donal concluded: “As the design and build contractor we are delighted and proud to have been involved with the Project Team in delivering this iconic building.

Client: South West College
Design and Build Contractor: Tracey Brothers
Architect & Passive House Designer: Mullarkey Pedersen Architects
Civil and Structural Engineer: Albert Fry Associates
Mechanical & Electrical Consultants: Semple & McKillop
Contractors Project Manager: Donal McGloin

Tracey Brothers
T: +44 (0)28 6632 3471 E: mail@traceybros.com

Junckers, Europe’s leading manufacturer of solid wood flooring, was the ideal choice to provide a performance floor for South West College’s new Erne Campus auditorium.

Hamilton Architects specified the 22mm Oak Classic Ultra Matt sprung floor to fulfil the architects’ aesthetic and functional vision for the multipurpose room. The design included a reinforcement of the undercarriage to cope with heavy loads during the life of the floor.

Commenting on the completed project, Declan Dolan, Country Manager for Junckers Ltd said, “It was great to work with Project Manager Donal McGloin and the Tracey Brothers team on such a prestigious project in their hometown of Enniskillen. As usual, the planning, early construction and programme meetings ensured everything ran smoothly when the timber floor system arrived on site.

“Kevin Carlin from Classique managed everything on the site including site conditions, floor levels and moisture testing. Paul and the Classique installation team demonstrated their attention to
detail and excellent workmanship once again.

“It is an outstanding achievement for this project to be the first educational building to be certified to the Passivhaus Premium standard. Caring for the environment is central to our business, as we all work towards a net zero carbon future. We continue to develop our sustainability, certification and compliance and have recently launched the Join the Collab with Nature initiative that can be found on our website,” added Declan.

Junckers is the only manufacturer that can complement its range of solid hardwood floors with a range of own produced woodcare products for regular maintenance and renovation of wooden floors.

T: +44 (0)7980 236130
E: ddo@junckers.com

Carey Glass
Carey Glass was commissioned to fabricate 2,600sqm of triple glazing (TGU) for South West College’s Erne Campus project.

The TGU comprised the following glass configuration: 6mm low iron toughened glass outer – 16mm warm edge spacer argon filled (90%) cavity – 6mm elite 1.0 – 16mm warm edge spacer argon filled (90%) cavity – 6mm elite 1.0.

This glass combination minimises the heat loss through the glazing by having a Ug of 0.5 W/m²K. The use of low iron glass on the outer panel, combined with the base glass for the elite 1.0 coatings (which is on a mid iron glass) helps to achieve a light transmission value of 55%, while offering a g-value (solar heat gain co-efficient) of 0.38. This helps with the prevention of overheating.

The use of warm edge spaces minimises heat loss around the peripheral of the TGUs and the size of 16mm optimises the thermal resistance properties of the inert gas – Argon.

All the glass provided is toughened to BS EN12150:2015, giving exceptional thermal durability and safety. (6mm toughened is classified as a 1C2 when tested to BS EN12600: 2002).

Stephen Smyth, Technical Advisor for Carey Glass said, “At Carey Glass we have invested in new toughening/tempering plants, which give exceptional roller wave (less than 0.15mm/m) overall bow and edge dip.

“Our TGUs are certified to BS EN1279-2: 2018, BS EN1279-3: 2018 & BS EN1279-6, which means our products meet the requirements for moisture penetration, gas leakage and concentration tolerances as well as factory production control. This is essential for the longevity of the product
in service and to enhance confidence. We are immensely proud that our TGUs are installed in Ireland’s first Passive House Premium Plus building.”

Benefits of Carey Glass TGU:
• Minimises heat loss – Ug of 0.5
• Prevents overheating – 55% light transmission/0.38 g-value
• Exceptional thermal durability and safety – toughened to BS EN12150:2015

T: +353 (0)67 50700
E: info@careyglass.com

Doorways – Northern Ireland’s leading supplier of access control, door automation, doors and architectural ironmongery – was selected to provide the access control solution for the new, multi-million Erne Campus for South West College.

With a growing list of jobs in the education, hospitality, healthcare and commercial sectors, Doorways is proving to be specialists at delivering access control, doors and ironmongery for any construction project. Their approach towards every job incorporates their four core principles: Quality, Choice, Design and Service.

“Our priority, whatever the size or type of construction project, is to support the contractor’s design and site team by making sure we’re meeting their client’s specification and budget requirements,” said Kenny McBride, Access Control Manager for Doorways.

“Having made the decision to standardise access control on the SALTO system, installation got underway with some 100+ doors being secured. We provided a detailed schedule of works and focused on meeting the project deadlines.

“The system provides high-level, real-time access control throughout the campus, allowing system administrators to manage doors and user keys in just a few easy steps, and in real time. A virtual network was also installed which provides the flexibility for the campus’s access control system to grow as required.”

Kenny added: “Controlling access plays an important role in the security of any educational building and this system’s innovative, wire-free technology allows easy maintenance and fitting of the electronic locks without the need for intrusive and expensive cabling and containment. At a later date, the client can also incorporate the use of JustIN Mobile technology, making it easy and secure to incorporate smart phones as a part of their on-campus access control solution.”

T: +44 (0)28 9032 2802 or email: kenny.mcbride@doorways.co.uk

Kilsaran, Ireland’s largest independant manufacturer of concrete products, provided paving solutions for the ground-breaking South West College Erne Campus project.

Newgrange and Lismore Paving Blocks, along with Classic Flags, were chosen due to their aesthetics, versatility, and durability.

Kilsaran’s Newgrange Paving Blocks have a subtle textured surface combined with
inspiring colours that make them stand out from the crowd and are a popular option for architects and landscapers. Classic Flags, with an array of colours and sizes are a perennial favourite.

Kilsaran specialises in manufacturing a premium range of paving and walling solutions for the construction sector and is committed to bringing innovative and unique products to the market.

A family-owned-and-run business, they manufacture a wide range of products at various plants across Ireland using raw materials predominantly sourced from their own quarries. The supply of premium, standard and bespoke product solutions to both the commercial and domestic market is
centred on a continual commitment to manufacturing excellence and technical expertise. That’s why Kilsaran is a trusted supplier of quality construction materials.

Paving contractor O’Neill Paving Ltd laid 2,900m2 of Kilsaran paving blocks and flags for main contractor Tracey Bros.

Commenting, Helen Kiernan, Sales and Account Manager said: “We have a strong relationship with all contractors involved and are delighted to see Kilsaran paving featured throughout this
outstanding project”.

The new Erne Campus building has been designed to facilitate world-class professional and technical education and training. A key feature is the provision of 1,000sqm innovation hubs through which students will engage with business and industry in real-world industrial projects and challenges.

T: +353 (0)1 8026300
E: info@kilsaran.ie

Semple & McKillop
M&E design consultants Semple & McKillop was appointed as part of an integrated team for the design, construction and fit-out of the magnificent and class-leading Erne Campus build.

Semple & McKillop developed the concept design of all building services and systems, through to detailed design for approval by the client, South West College and advisors. It then supported the construction of this build including extensive commissioning.

At handover, the completed project achieved Passive House Premium and BREEAM Outstanding accreditation.

Commenting, Director Dan Gilchrist said: “A detailed thermal model was produced which analysed natural light, solar gain and shading to achieve near zero carbon energy use. This IES model, and the PH verification calculator, was used to confirm design and build compliance with the Passive House and BREEAM standards.”

Automatic closures for the 193 windows on the front façade help control the internal ambient temperature. An Awadukt Thermo ground-air heat exchanger (GAHE) system was also utilised. This system passively preheats incoming air in winter and cools it in summer. It utilised three-quarters of a kilometre of 315mm dia heat transfer pipes and 250 metres of 1150mm dia header and distribution pipes all buried 2.5m below the car park.

A 518kWp solar roof plant with over 1,500 solar photovoltaics panels works in tandem with a Bio-Fuel combined heat and power plant. Generation has been optimised with the installation of Tesvolt Lithium battery racks and SMA Battery Inverters capable of storing or discharging 180KVA at any time.

Dan added: “We are proud of our role in the delivery of the new Erne Campus. This type of project aligns with our ambition to be leaders in innovative sustainable design.”

Building services design highlights:
• 193 automated windows
• 518kWp solar plant
• 1,500 solar photovoltaics panels
• Tesvolt Lithium battery racks
• 180KVA storage/discharge capability from SMA battery inverters
• Bio-fuel CHP plant
• 1km of underground heat transfer pipes

T: +44 (0) 28 9033 1700
E: admin@semplemckillop.com

Albert Fry
Albert Fry Associates are proud to have provided full civil and structural engineering consultancy services to Tracey Brothers Ltd, who were appointed by South West College to both design and construct their new 8,200m2 Erne Campus on the site of the former Erne Hospital in Enniskillen, replacing their existing facilities at Gaol Square.

The Passive House Institute in Germany has confirmed that this project is both the world’s first educational and currently the world’s largest Passive House Premium rated building.

The building’s structure itself, in sympathy with the existing land contours, diminishes from east to west from four to two storeys height with a pin jointed steel frame supporting precast concrete flooring units all stabilised by in-situ concrete lift and stair cores.

Stringent restrictions apply in terms of the quality and rate of discharge of storm water to the adjacent Lough Erne resulting in the design of innovative SUDS solutions.

T: +44 (0)28 9032 2025
E: office@albertfryassociates.com



Classique Floor Design
The highly experienced Classique Floor Design team of skilled craftsmen and fitters installed all the flooring to South West College’s multi-million pound Erne Campus.

Altro Orchestra and Serenade acoustic vinyl flooring was laid in high traffic areas, with Milliken carpet tiles installed in social areas. Junckers’ 22mm Oak Classic Ultra Matt sprung parquet flooring was laid in the multi-purpose auditorium room.

Commenting on the project, Kevin Carlin, Quantity Surveyor for Classique Floor Design said: “The Junkers flooring and PVC flooring really adds to the overall look of this state-of-the-art Passive House Premium Rated building with modern colours and designs used throughout. This was a high profile project and we are delighted to have been involved with it.

“We worked well with Tracey Brothers. It was a real pleasure and the site ran smoothly from start to finish. Any small obstacles we encountered was greeted with positivity and support to ensure a successful plan of action.”

T: +44 (0)28 7126 1885
Kevin: +44 (0)7596113987
Martin: +44 (0)7912697810

Fire Glass District
For the South West College’s Erne Campus project, Fire Glass Direct designed and installed single and double-glazed acoustic and fire-rated glazing.

The team at Fire Glass Direct worked alongside Tracey Brothers very early in the programme, which helped ensure the entire process moved along smoothly. A brief was received at the design stage required a mixture of fire-rated and acoustic glazing.

The company provided a specification to achieve the various requirements and once that was approved, they were able to begin procurement of the various materials required, which in turn, cut down lead times. For the partitions, the design team provided drawings for approval and
the installation team then fitted the double-glazed aluminum framing, doors and glazing.

Having been in business since 2004, Fire Glass Direct designs, manufactures and installs a wide variety of glass products and glazing systems catering to the public and private sectors throughout the UK and Ireland.

T +44 (0)28 7946 9133
E: info@fireglassdirect.co.uk

Orona NI manufactured and installed three main passenger lifts to the South West College, Erne Campus project.

Orona is the world’s first company in the elevator sector to receive ISO 14006 Ecodesign certification. Ecodesign involves “clean” management in all of a product’s phases, from design through to the end of the product’s life cycle, delivering minimal emissions, good manufacturing practices and decreased consumption.

All Orona lifts are designed to be energy efficient with efficient machines, eco-lighting and standby modes to reduce energy consumption.

Mark Francey, Branch Manager, Orona NI said: “Our innovative G-02 motor enables machine efficiency of more than 89% and a saving in the motor material of 25% for the magnet, 20% for steel, and 17% for copper.”

Mark added: “During construction phase it was decided to add an additional door entrance at ground floor level to accommodate loading/unloading. Orona was capable of changing our design to accommodate this within the agreed shaft dimensions.”

T: +44 (0)28 9084 1358
E: info@orona-ni.co.uk

Corlin Limited installed Passive fire protection systems along with painting and decorating services for South West College’s new BREEAM Outstanding and Passive House Premium Rated Erne Campus.

Work began early, with Corlin spraying intumescent paint to fireproof the entire structural steel frame of the 8,200m2 building. The 10-man crew returned later to carry out fire stopping of building services, openings and cavities. Corlin carried out all the internal painting and decoration, including the four-storey atrium.

Commenting on the project, Chris McLaughlin, Director of Painting and Fire Protection for Corlin Limited, said: “We are proud to have contributed to such a major project for our region of Northern Ireland alongside our long standing partner, Tracey Brothers.”

Corlin Limited’s advanced practical understanding of materials fire performance means it can offer the skills, expertise and products that help make buildings safe. Corlin’s Fire Protection division offers a comprehensive service that includes assisting in design, specification, application and certification of intumescent paints and fire stopping systems.

T: +44 (0) 28 8167 1762
E: info@corlin.com

Erne Facades
Erne Facades carried out work to the roof and wall cladding, soffits and feature flashings
for the South West College’s new Erne Campus.

The team from Erne Facades delivered a professional and skilful approach to ensure a high-quality roof installation with full solar panel support that worked seamlessly with the innovative construction design.

Commenting on the project, Neil Potter, Technical Director for Erne Facades said: “As a young company it was great to be involved in such a high profile project so close to home in Enniskillen, especially one that has achieved Passive House Premium and BREEAM Outstanding accreditations.

“We have undertaken a lot of projects with Tracey Brothers and as always we found them
extremely professional with a very pro-active approach to design and build projects.”

T: +44 (0)2866240024
E: neil@ernefacades.com
E: pearse@ernefacades.com

Massey Catering Equipment Ltd designed, manufactured and installed all kitchens, serveries, bistro and restaurant facilities for the £30m Erne Campus for the South West College.

The full remit included: training and production kitchens as well as a restaurant bar for the catering students, a bistro kitchen and servery for the students and staff, along with a large coffee dock servery.

“Due to the client’s BREEAM Outstanding requirements, the catering and refrigeration equipment was specifically chosen to meet highly energy efficient specifications. The team at Masseys worked hard to fulfil deadlines and make sure the job was completed to the highest standard,’’ said Philip Massey, Director for Massey Catering Equipment.

Commenting on the completed project, Philip added: “We worked hard to win this tender and are delighted to have been a part of such a world-leading construction project with Tracey Brothers.”

T: +44 (0)28 9261 9009
E: info@masseycatering.co.uk

Pollock Lifts
Pollock Lifts was called on to supply and install the disabled access lift to South West College’s Erne Campus.

With over 30 years experience in design, manufacture and installation of mobility access lifts, the Carrickfergus firm was the ideal choice for this project, and handled all aspects of the requirements including: site visits, design, build and installation.

Pollock Lifts provide a complete turn-key service. From initial site survey, the experienced team of surveyors will assess the location, site, building type and working environment in order to select the right lift for the job.

From its 25,000sqft manufacturing facility, Pollock’s expert team of designs and builds a bespoke lift to the highest standards using the latest technology. Preparation works can also be carried out by Pollock prior to installation.

Service and service contracts provide maintenance agreements that meet individual client requirements. A 24/7 support line offers further peace of mind.

Additional services include: lift removal and disposal, lift rental and spare parts.

T: +44 (0)28 9336 8167
E: info@pollocklifts.co.uk

Wall Cladding Services
Wall Cladding Services’ Elite range of hygienic white PVC wall cladding was supplied and installed in the training and production kitchens and shower block cubicles at the £30m new build educational campus in Enniskillen.

“We are delighted and proud to have been involved in this outstanding Tracey Brothers’ project,” said Donald Marks, owner of WCS.

“We work closely with the architect, designer, contractor and the end-user on every project we are involved in. We provide a comprehensive service including free site surveys, technical advice, NBS Plus specifications, estimates and on-site project management – all of which were called upon throughout this project.”

Donald added, “All of our wall cladding systems are fully bonded with thermoformed corners as standard, installed by our highly skilled, CSR registered operatives.”

With over 30 years experience in the industry and having completed projects throughout the UK and Ireland, Donald has a wealth of knowledge for clients to call upon when considering their wall cladding options.

T: +44 (0)28 9083 9103
M: +44 (0)7740 741367
E: donald@wallcladdingservices.com

Mullarkey Pederson Architects
Award-winning practice, Mullarkey Pedersen Architects (MPA) was employed by Tracey Brothers to deliver the architectural elements and was the Passive House designer for the South West College, Erne Campus project.

In preparing the detailed design and construction packages MPA worked with Tracey Bros through the ‘unchartered territories’ of onerous air tightness, enhanced thermal insulation and sophisticated services engineering to create the world’s first Passive House Premium Educational Building.

This resulted in an air tightness level of 0.36 ACH for the construction envelope (a significant achievement for an 8,200sqm building), with a space heating demand of only 8kW/m²/yr and Renewable Primary Energy of 27kW/m²/yr.

Karl Pedersen, Partner at MPA praised Tracey Brothers for their high levels of co-ordination and management for both on site and off-site operations, which enabled the project to achieve the high accolades of Premium and Outstanding ratings.

“Using the labour and supply chain that’s available here in Northern Ireland, we’ve demonstrated that we can create something world-class and world-leading. I think everyone involved in the project should take pride in that.”

T: +44 (0)28 7136 3773
E: info@mparchitects.ne