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SVK’s range is based around choice, giving architects and contractors endless possibilities that suit both new build and renovation projects. This includes:

With a range of decorative fibre cement façade panels, SVK has developed a durable, aesthetic and creative portfolio that offers the right façade solution regardless of the building’s style.

With four different types of panel, a wide range of colours and the potential for custom work, every project can enjoy an original look.

The four different panels are Ornimat, which is unique in the market of fibre cement and offers an unlimited colour and format that is made to measure with a coloured edge; Decoboard, which is perfect for a contemporary and durable look; Puro Plus, a natural grey panel with the appearance of smooth concrete is available in two standard sizes; and the through-coloured, hydrophobic range known as Colormat.

These four options provide a wide assortment of fibre cement façade panels along with a 10-year warranty. They are lightweight, low maintenance and extremely suitable for ventilated façade systems. The fibre cement panels fit with every building style, offer endless possibilities for variation, with regard to colour, form and prefect style.

As a leading producer of high-quality roofing materials, SVK offers a wide range of fibre cement slates for covering sloping roofs. In this way, SVK provides all the accessories for the perfect finish to every type of roof.

For the contractor, SVK’s fibre cement slates deliver in terms of considerable savings in time and associated costs on site. Thanks to the product’s structural consistency, no preliminary grading is required while the light weight slates do not need a heavy load bearing roof construction, meaning less timber is necessary for the structure. In addition, according to the company, SVK slates are the strongest available on the market, making them resistant to breakage and very easy to work with on site.

For architects and specifiers, SVK offers three colours – Blue-black; Welsh blue or Premium black. This is enhanced by the final coating on the face side of the slates with a paint curtain, giving the surface a much smoother and more beautiful finish.

This beautiful finish is protected by the inclusion of special moss inhibiting constituents which leads to an extraordinarily high UV-resistance.

The Neptunus range of fibre-cement corrugated sheets from SVK is the ideal covering for the roofs of all warehouses, industrial and agricultural buildings. The durable Neptunus range of double-pressed corrugated sheets contain carefully selected, high-quality fibres and, in this way, protects the roof against the most extreme weather conditions.

As they are produced with specially selected high-quality fibres they also offer a long life span. Only the best raw materials are used to obtain these strong corrugated sheets. The coating is characterised by its high quality and ability to retain colour. This is thanks to an outstanding paint adhesion and decades of SVK experience in paint production.

Finally, the Neptunus fibre-cement corrugated sheets benefit from the use of several layers of strong fibre-cement material to achieve the desired sheet thickness. The sheets are then pressed twice under extreme pressure to guarantee a superior product. The unique second pressing is what makes SVK corrugated sheets so distinctive, from other brands, and makes them extremely strong and durable.

The choice offered by SVK is only matched by the quality of the company’s product range. With environmentally friendly systems and technologies in place, SVK ensures that homes can be both aesthetically pleasing and in harmony with the environment in which they are built.

By continually responding to the needs of the market, the company has grown to become a flexible long-term partner for construction professionals that specialise in residential as well as non-residential construction.

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