Support available for Mental Health issues

If you are struggling with your mental health and need someone to speak to then resources are available to help...

Help is available if you are struggling with your Mental Health.

All of us at NI Builder are so proud of all the ways we have watched our industry connect with each other over this last #mentalhealthawarenessweek.

We’ve seen some incredible fundraising efforts to support life-saving charities and it has been so inspiring to see such impressive dialogue opening on the mental health issues lots of us face, but it is still important to remember that more than four out of five (79%) of trade workers report that their job negatively affects their emotional wellbeing, with 19% finding day-to-day work stressful often or all the time.

So, though we are sailing through some choppy water at the moment, please remember, there is help and support available to you if you need it.

Below are some resources in Ireland and Northern Ireland if you are struggling and need someone to speak to:


Northern Ireland

General or call 0808 808 8000