Stunning exterior landscaping with EXPOSA® Decorative Concrete from RTU Ltd

A highly durable range of decorative concrete which can be used as an alternative to traditional paving, asphalt, tarmac and loose gravel, Exposa® is a first choice for any hard landscaping project. Beautiful, durable, practical, safe and flexible, with a slip resistant finish, Exposa® is ideal for use on driveways, promenades, footpaths, town centres and pedestrian zones.

With a natural aggregate finish, Exposa® has the durability and structural integrity of concrete. It is designed to withstand heavy traffic and extremes of weather without deterioration. With the added benefit of a low maintenance finish, Exposa® also inhibits the proliferation of weeds and moss. It is also a naturally slip resistant product, laid as a continuous surface, thus reducing trip hazards in large surface public areas.

The flexibility of the product allows designers and architects alike to be as bold or subtle in their design as required. With a wide variety of colours and finishes, Exposa® allows you to shape your space to maximum effect – straight or curved or anything in between!

If you cannot find your desired colour in the standard range, then RTU can tailor the aggregate and colour to your specific individual requirements. When used together in one project, different colours of Exposa® work extremely well side by side to create a stunning effect. In addition, other materials, such as cobble or paving stones, may be positioned as movement joints or to form a border, thus adding to the design options.

RTU manufactures Exposa® under stringent quality control procedures, ensuring conformity to the requirements of BS EN206. It is also recommend that Exposa® is only installed by RTU approved installers in order to ensure the quality workmanship and attention to detail that is required for the product to have maximum aesthetic appeal. Exposa® has recently been recognised within the industry having been awarded the Environmental Improvements Award from the Concrete Society for the Portstewart Promenade project.

RTU has also recently completed an exciting installation at Hilltop Holiday Park, Portrush as well as many other residential driveways. If you are looking for a clever hard landscaping solution for a commercial or residential project, then look no further than Exposa® Decorative Concrete.

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