Strengthening standards and building influence

Noel McKee, Trustee of the CIOB, gives his thoughts on the Institute’s growth since starting his tenure in June 2019...

Noel McKee, Trustee of the CIOB and Business Development Manager for Mascott Construction.

For any new Trustee there will always be a bit of a learning curve, but my work in the Business Development Board in the previous three years has benefitted me well in understanding the initiatives and strategies in various stages of development to ensure future growth of the Institute and improve its offering to the membership. 

At the centre of our work is the CIOB’s corporate plan 2020–23, which provides a framework as to how the CIOB’s business is conducted, the standards that should be met and the aims we should achieve. In this current plan the key guiding principle that resonated so much with me was that the CIOB’s role in the coming years is to be the moral compass for the construction industry.

The vision for the Institute is that we improve the quality of life for the users and creators of our built environment, drive up professional standards, promote innovation, influence political decisions and strengthen the talent across the global community. This is all tied up in the key values of professionalism, integrity, excellence and respect.

CIOB events
In my short tenure so far I have been involved in many aspects of the work of the CIOB. As Trustee Hub Champion for the Middle East and North Africa Region I have seen the development of members and growth plus their recent Women in Construction event. Closer to home, being involved in the recent CIOB Virtual Roadshow gave me an insight into the excellent work still being undertaken throughout Ireland. 

I am also a member of the Women in Construction Network in Northern Ireland and again it was a privilege to be able to help out with the organisation of their upcoming joint CIOB/CITB careers event in April for young women interested in a career in construction. 

Another group that I have been become involved with through CIOB is Construct-Ability, which is a new networking group for people of all abilities to hopefully normalise the conversation and raise awareness of the positive contribution of people with disabilities at work in our industry. It has been so uplifting, yet challenging to listen to these people with various disabilities and again a privilege to hopefully be part of change that will see a culture of inclusion that caters for everyone and to see how we can better include all abilities into our workplace.

It has been a busy few months, but I look forward to the remainder of my tenure on the Board of Trustees with great anticipation and hope we will see that continued growth in our membership, a more inclusive membership, a continually improving service to our members and that we be that moral compass for the construction industry globally.

Noel McKee FCIOB is Business Development Manager for Mascott Construction and is also a Trustee of the CIOB. He can be contacted on