Stormont has allocated £8.1 Million to repairing roads

Infrastructure Minister John O’Dowd has allocated an additional £8.1m in capital investment to the structural road maintenance programme this year.

The announcement follows a new report published by the statistics branch of the Department for Infrastructure on road length, condition and expenditure in Northern Ireland for 2019/20 to 2022/23.

It identifies a drop in total expenditure on roads here by 7.5% year on year to £441m over 2022-23.

Announcing the additional funding, the Minister said it regrettably fell well short of the amount necessary to maintain the road network to the required standard due to budgetary constraints.

“I recently addressed the Assembly to announce the allocation of an extra £1m to target areas of highest priority with small scale resurfacing schemes,” he said.

“I am now in a position to announce an additional £8.1m of funding for my Department’s Structural Maintenance Programme to deliver additional resurfacing schemes and continue to address the poor condition of our road network. Work will start immediately on the planning and delivery of these new schemes.”

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