Spantherm combines offsite efficiency with energy efficiency

The discussion around skills shortages, build quality and site efficiency have been at the forefront of the offsite debate for several years now. However, as more and more plots must now comply with the increased demands of the Part L 2013 building regulations it creates an opportunity for the manufacturers of offsite products to showcase their energy efficient benefits.

This is where products such as the Spantherm insulated concrete flooring system can deliver real solutions for the designer and builder alike. Designing and building energy efficiency homes capable of achieving the latest regulations can be a complex process but installing an offsite produced high performance insulated ground floor is always a good start.

The Spantherm thermally efficient floor system is remarkable not just for its ability to deliver improvements within SAP but also because it delivers the benefits of offsite build.

When assessing any Part L compliant solution, builders need to consider its impact on the overall build process and factor in any relevant cost issues. It is during this costing process that builders appreciate the benefits of the factory built unit’s rapid build features.

A typical Spantherm floor is fitted onsite in less than two hours with minimal labour and achieves full structural capability with 72 hours whilst activity could commence on perimeter walls within 24 hours. Many builders will opt to subcontract this via a ground worker or may engage us directly in a full supply and fit deal.

This represents a programme saving of around one week plus reduced installation labour when compared to other insulated flooring systems which rely on a combination on individual concrete components, insulation boards and poured surfaces.

Spantherm’s structural reinforced concrete structure has been designed in a way to minimise the thermal bridges at the wall to floor junctions. The unit’s high-performance EPS insulation effectively reduces heat loss and both these features are essential for compliance with Part L’s flooring energy performance targets.

By introducing Spantherm and its Psi value and U value to their energy consultant, builders will be able to evaluate the positive impact made within SAP. It is this excellent thermal efficiency created by the design of the product which gives the builder that good start to their total SAP calculation.

It is also the very basis of a ‘Fabric First’ approach which seeks to reduce the reliance on the use of expensive add-on sustainable technologies in new homes.

While the increasing need for compliance with Part L 2013 adds complexity for the builder the good news is that offsite products like Spantherm have been specifically designed to not only meet those regulations but also simplify their build.

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