SP Group upgrades Corry Board to Floorgard

SP Group rebrands Floorgard as improved floor and surface protection with a sustainability program at the forefront of its change

SP Group, recognised as UK & Ireland’s Best Total Temporary Protection Products Supplier in 2021, upgrades its Corry Board to Floorgard as the industry’s 100% Recyclable Impact Resistant Floor Protection. This upgrade comes in line with Floorgard’s rebranding campaign. The Corry brand name was previously known as an extensive range of floor protection supplies. Its main product that was previously called “corry board” will now be known as Floorgard, with improved quality and features.

Floorgard is a corrugated Polypropylene (PP) sheet designed to protect floors and surfaces from impact, dust, dirt, and splatters during construction work. It is available in non-FR and FR variants certified by LPCB. After months of product development, it is now in the market as the flagship product for impact-protection and sustainability – SP Group started its sustainability efforts in 2020 as the numbers on construction and demolition waste continue to increase yearly.

How is Floorgard recycled?
According to the latest reports, the construction industry in the UK produced 67.9 million tonnes of waste in 2018, while Ireland produced 8.8 million tonnes in 2019 and only 7% of it was recycled. Floorgard is recycled through the Blue Cycle Recycling Scheme, an assisted sustainability program. For every purchase of Floorgard, customers can avail of the collection service arranged by SP Group, in which collected materials will be delivered to the nearest authorised recycling facility for proper handling.

As its raw material, Polypropylene (PP) is marked as ‘No. 5’ in recycling or commonly known as products that ‘can sometimes’ be recycled depending on the final product, government regulations, and capacity or authorisation of recycling facilities. This limitation in recycling causes a lag in sustainability efforts in the industry, as not all recycling facilities can accommodate used corrugated plastic sheets. The Blue Cycle Recycling Scheme helps customers manage used materials and send it to the right recycling facilities hassle free—making sure nothing goes to landfills. SP Group is also in talks with major environmental organisations to create a customer program that will set a portion of the proceeds to help the sustainability programs.

“As a leading supplier of construction materials, with a lot of our products having plastic as its raw material, we knew we also have to be a leader in sustainability,” said Nick Munster, Managing Director of SP Group. “We had to do something because the planet cannot wait forever for us to develop biodegradable versions of everything. Recycling seems like a tedious process due to lack of access to proper recycling facilities. When you choose Floorgard, you get to use quality impact protection and leave the recycling to us” Nick adds.

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