Solve squeaky floorboards with Simpson Strong-Tie

New 19mm collated timber screws designed for floor fitters mean no more snagged electrical cables or leaking water pipes...

Simpson Strong Tie Quik Drive with groundbreaking 19mm collated underlayment screw.

Time after time the culprit is the fastener; nails working loose over time, leading to expensive call-backs. While it’s well known that screws provide a tighter grip power by pulling the boards together, fitting 6mm plywood to underlay has long presented a dilemma.

Conventional 25mm timber screws risk damaging underfloor electrical cables or puncturing water pipes, with potentially dangerous and costly consequences. However, the alternative use of 19mm nails causes the plywood subfloor to lift over time. Now Simpson Strong-Tie has the answer with the ground-breaking new 19mm MTHZ19E collated underlayment screw for Quik Drive. 

Fasteners Sales Manager, Natalie Dixon, explained, “Our flooring clients regularly tell us that a collated screw shorter than 25mm is desperately needed, and certainly preferable. I’ve been told this issue with snagging a water pipe may not be initially visible. It can leak for days or months or even more, causing substantial damage and costs in leak detection. Penetrating an electrical service pipe could be life threatening. Suddenly, squeaky floorboards may be the least of concern!

“So, we’ve developed a 19mm collated screw system that allows fast and secure underlayment to subfloor installations. This new shorter length alternative prevents the tip from protruding through the floor boards, making it a safer way to fix 6mm plywood to timber or steel subfloors up to 0.9mm thick. This ensures less torque, less time and more fastening.”

Contact Natalie for more information:
T: +44 (0)797 114 7961