SMET earns BES 6001 certification for responsible sourcing

SMET Building Products Ltd, a leading distributor in construction materials, has achieved its certification to BES 6001. 

In an era where sustainability is paramount, construction companies are increasingly committed to demonstrating the responsible sourcing of products used in their projects.

SMET’s recent accolade comes from BSI, signifying its dedication to ensuring that the constituent materials in its products are responsibly sourced. BES 6001 outlines a comprehensive framework covering organisational governance, supply chain management and environmental and social considerations, all vital components in ensuring responsible sourcing in construction.

This latest certification joins SMET’s distinguished portfolio of management system achievements, further solidifying its commitment to sustainable and ethical practices.

Key Objectives of BES 6001:

• Promoting responsible product sourcing.

• Providing comprehensive guidelines for sustainability considerations.

• Offering assurance of responsible sourcing of construction materials and products.


• Demonstrating SMET’s commitment to responsible sourcing.

• Empowering informed supplier selection.

• Enhancing overall social and environmental performance.


SMET Building Products continues to champion sustainability and ethical responsibility in the construction industry, making it a trusted partner for conscientious builders and developers.

Products include: innovative self levelling floor screeds, renders, plasters, Clean Wall® Healthy Wall Systems, professional tiling systems and natural hydraulic lime products.

For more information, contact SMET Building Products to explore their responsibly sourced offerings.

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