Smartply OSB’s low energy lesson

Warren Lodge is a live build workshop run by architectural practice Studio Bark which gives students and graduates ‘hands-on’ experience of a real building project.

Studio Bark’s BARK LIVE-BUILD project, in collaboration with TRADA, seeks to bridge the chasm between architectural education and the on-site application of architecture. Working for client David Levitt OBE, author of the Housing Design Handbook, participants at the workshop will gain an understanding of construction terminology, materials and technical detailing, all through on-site practice.

Located on an idyllic former rabbit warren in the Norfolk countryside, the building is of traditional barn typology, combining reclaimed bricks with a super-insulated airtight timber frame. Built using UK-sourced timber, OSB, handmade tiles and locally made custom steel gussets, the interior will be left unfinished to expose the insulation and enhance the impact of the two large exposed timber trusses.

For the internal sheathing on the inside of the stud work, 140m2 of SmartPly OSB3 was specified for its excellent environmental credentials, chain of custody certifications and metric sizing options. The high racking strength and structural nature of SmartPly OSB3 also made the panels ideal for the strength and loading requirements of the project.

“It has been great working with such an environmentally friendly OSB alternative,” commented Wilf Meynell, Director of Studio Bark. “Knowing that there is no added formaldehyde hidden in the material has made it easier to use on-site, especially with a team of young students. The metric sizes have made installation incredibly simple and seem a no-brainer for construction of the future.”

As a highly engineered, moisture resistant load-bearing panel designed for use in humid conditions, SmartPly OSB3 is ideal for many structural and non-structural applications in both internal and protected external environments. The zero-added formaldehyde panel, which is manufactured in accordance with EN 300, is suitable for a range of applications such as roofing, flooring and wall sheathing.

All SmartPly OSB panels are fully FSC certified and Chain of Custody audited, making them the environmentally responsible wood panel choice. In addition, the panels carry the CE mark, in accordance with the Construction Products Regulation. With such reassurances, OSB sourced from Europe provides a cost effective, environmental and compliant alternative to tropical plywood.

Utilising the strength, versatility and durability of SmartPly OSB3, the BARK LIVE-BUILD scheme perfectly demonstrates the high performance OSB’s unrivalled ability to provide architects, specifiers and contractors with a structural panel that is suitable for the most energy efficient developments.