Smart solutions for CLT

Simpson Strong-Tie launches cross-laminated timber connectors and fasteners range...

Connector & Fasteners for CLT Construction Catalogue.

Simpson Strong-Tie, a leader in engineered structural building solutions, has launched a comprehensive range of connectors and fasteners to serve the growing demand for CLT construction, along with a brand new ‘Connectors & Fasteners for CLT Construction’ catalogue.

The CLT product range is backed by a robust distribution system, along with first-rate service, technical support, and training, enabling design flexibility and ensuring projects can be built stronger, faster and more easily than ever.

“With over 25 years of designing and manufacturing here in the UK, Simpson Strong-Tie is now proud to offer smart solutions for CLT,” says Jon Head, Sales Director.

Key products launching under the Simpson Strong-Tie Cross-Laminated Timber collection include the following:

The AB255SSH structural angle bracket, designed for installing CLT elements on wood using the SSH structural screws. Offering high versatility and superior performance in both horizontal and vertical directions.

The HTT hold down range, used in pairs or individually, with the ‘tongue enveloping’ design at the bottom significantly increasing the load bearing capacities.

The BTALU concealed beam hanger can be used to create a completely invisible connection for larger section beams. It can also be used at the base of a wall for a completely concealed assembly.

Quik Drive Systems, a solution for fixing hangers and angle brackets to timber frames with collated screws.

To learn more about how Simpson Strong Tie can improve your Cross-laminated Timber project call the team: +44 (0)1827 255 600. The new catalogue is now available to download at