Sentry Posts announces Boplan partnership

The safety manufacturer designs, develops and manufactures sustainable and highly effective fall and collision protection for the most demanding environments. During the production of all safety products, Boplan uses high-quality and high-performance polymers, with properties that far surpass those of traditional materials.

The modular safety systems produced by Boplan have been designed to protect numerous industrial buildings, warehouses, factories, airports, drilling platforms and petrochemical sites worldwide, with each specific application having a designated safety solution.

Boplan’s passion for sustainability is visible via all of the company’s products and services which are created with a high degree of cradle-to-cradle philosophy. Being environmentally friendly and energy efficient is another focus for the Boplan team.

Sentry Posts Sales Director Ian Ferguson, commented, “Boplan offers a wide range of quality and innovative products with specialist in-house design and development teams. I am looking forward to bringing Boplan’s expertise and experience to the Irish market.”

Ian Parry, Sales and Marketing of Boplan, with over 15 years’ experience in the impact tested barrier industry in both direct sales and marketing roles as well as supporting a National network of re-sellers added, “I am so excited to be part of the Boplan Group. My history is in the provision of anti-terror and highway vehicle barriers, and in this role I am looking at the same principles of protection, but from a safety point of view rather than security.

“Boplan is a great place to work and the whole team is committed to being the best that we can. I can really feel the momentum building and there is a great buzz about Boplan UK.”

Boplan’s FLEX IMPACT, the original polymer barrier system, has been specially developed to create a safe working environment in an economical manner. In a bid to reduce machine downtime and repairs after collision, which results in excessive and unreasonable costs, as well as the adverse effects in the event of human injury the FLEX IMPACT system has been tested extensively to comply with the strictest safety standards.

The product has been configured to ensure the protection of people, machinery, tools, goods, buildings and infrastructure in places where forklift trucks or other vehicles are used. FLEX IMPACT has been developed totally modularly so the separate elements can be easily positioned and, if required, replaced.

Boplan hopes to continue to provide customers with total customer service and support, whatever the size of the project. Their consideration from point of development to point of delivery is focused on what can be achieved for customers and end users.

The final word is from UK Manager, David Smith, who said, “Our intention, as with the whole of the Boplan group, is to ensure that the right products are installed for the right job. Leading up to the end of the financial year, Boplan UK are offering free site surveys and visual inspections of your existing equipment and facilities with no obligation advice and recommendations on compliance.”

The impressive Boplan product range is now available at Sentry Posts, the Dromore based firm at the forefront of traffic security systems across the island of Ireland.

In addition to supplying market-leading bollard systems, Sentry Posts offers static, manual telescopic and automated bollards, each effective in individual localised situations and a powerful security system when used in unison to protect large, complex domains.

In addition, Sentry Posts carries a superb range of traffic calming products, home security, stainless steel, and plastic products.

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