SAM Trimax – a finish that stands the test of time

Architects design buildings that make a statement that, they hope, will stand the test of time. But will that building look as good in 50 years’ time?

There’s no doubt that timber cladding looks great, but its short service life is just one of the many reasons why many architects happily overlook the use of timber cladding.

Discolouration; splitting and ‘shelling’; weathering; fungus and mould growth; rust staining; and shrinkage are just some of other reasons why, without proper maintenance, timber cladding can go from looking great to looking dated. That’s not what any architect wants.

But, with the introduction of SAM Trimax, a new product has been developed that can keep the look while avoiding the pitfalls. It opens up a whole world of possibilities for a wood-based panel product, allowing it to be used in projects and conditions that weren’t previously considered.

So it’s very much a case of out with timber and in with the next generation of fibreboard technology, as architects and designers test the limits with products like SAM Trimax.

It comes with the durability of teak, remains dimensionally stable even when wet, demonstrates minimal risk compared to real wood and requires very little work to keep it looking great. Taking into consideration the serviceable lifespan of SAM Trimax is 60 years and its low maintenance costs, it is a more cost effective alternative to competitive products.

Manufactured using a revolutionary and innovative panel product, known as Medite Tricoya Extreme, SAM Trimax demonstrates outstanding durability and stability in even the most extreme and challenging environments. This makes SAM Trimax suitable for a wide range of internal and external applications, including cladding, fascia and soffit, external joinery and window components.

As well as being moisture resistant, it’s also fungal resistant and an effective barrier to fungal decay. And its trump card over PVC is that it’s manufactured using zero added formaldehyde. It is these characteristics that are making SAM Trimax so popular. Better still, thanks to a 50-year extended performance guarantee on the core material and a paint warranty of up to 10 years, selecting SAM Trimax guarantees that this finish will last! All this can be achieved cost-effectively.

Over the lifespan of the product, SAM Trimax costs about half as much per square metre as natural timber cladding and is also cheaper than other cladding solutions, such as fibre cement, compact material and high density wood composite. So no matter what changes in the future, you can be assured that that a home built today with SAM Trimax will still be intact, and looking as good as ever.

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  • 50 year warranty on core material
  • Paint warranty of up to 10 years
  • Dimensionally stable – swelling and shrinking dramatically reduced
  • Lower maintenance costs – extended periods between coating
  • Ultimate durability for outdoor use
  • Fungal resistance – effective barrier to fungal decay
  • Manufactured using zero added formaldehyde
  • FSC Certified