RTU puts sustainability at the core of business operations

RTU, a leading building products manufacturer, is committed to environmental responsibility and prioritises sustainability in its operations. 

The company recognises the significance of sustainability in today’s world and has embraced an eco-strategy to reduce its environmental impact. This shift towards eco-friendliness in the commercial realm has been driven by various factors, including shifting consumer preferences, increased regulatory requirements and an overarching belief in making ethical choices.

RTU’s team is dedicated to excellence in all aspects of the business, from its products and services to performance and quality – including environmental awareness. The company views sustainability as an opportunity to improve and enhance its overall operations. By putting sustainability at its core, RTU reinforces its innovative, forward-thinking, collaborative and progress-oriented mindset. This approach has enabled the company to strive for decarbonisation and green energy solutions, ensuring that its projects are environmentally responsible and sustainable for the future.

Adopting sustainable practices:


One of the key sustainable practices adopted by RTU is recycling. The company has been highly effective in minimising waste by recycling materials and preventing over 200 lorry loads of aggregates from ending up in landfills annually. This reduction in waste has significantly reduced RTU’s environmental impact.

Renewable energy

RTU also focuses on renewable energy sources as part of its sustainability efforts. The company uses all-electric company cars, reducing its dependence on fossil fuels and lowering emissions of greenhouse gases and air pollutants. Additionally, RTU utilises cutting-edge Solar PV panels that generate up to 17000 kWhs of renewable energy per year, further contributing to its eco-friendly practices.

Rainwater harvesting

Water conservation is another priority for RTU. The company recognises the increasing demand for water worldwide and has implemented a rainwater harvesting policy at its facilities. Over 50% of RTU’s water usage is sourced from rainwater harvesting and reused in its manufacturing processes, demonstrating the company’s commitment to responsible water use and sustainability.

Reducing carbon footprint

Reducing its carbon footprint is also a crucial aspect of RTU’s environmental stewardship. By operating a Euro 6 fleet with low-emission engines and using only low-carbon cement, RTU saves 1,300 tons of carbon emissions annually. This commitment to low carbon emissions helps mitigate the impact of climate change and preserves natural resources for future generations.

Products are solutions

RTU’s products themselves are a part of the solution to sustainability. The company believes in the circular economy approach, manufacturing long-lasting and high-performing products that contribute to a sustainable and efficient way of doing business. This design philosophy focuses on conserving energy, labour and materials while maintaining their value, in alignment with RTU’s commitment to sustainability.

RTU remains dedicated to protecting the environment for the benefit of all. The company constantly explores and evolves sustainable practices to improve its impact, demonstrating its ongoing commitment to making a positive difference for the planet. 

For a comprehensive range of RTU’s sustainable products, visit their website at www.rtu.co.uk.