RTU launches ZIRCON

Exciting new polish concrete floor product, Zircon, developed by RTU at their Newtownabbey headquarters...

Zircon in Amalfi Rock.

Where seamless concrete floors were once the preserve of specialist homes, RTU has developed an innovative and attainable product that makes a stunning design statement with an easy-to-care-for finish. Zircon is a stylish, hardwearing and low maintenance product that delivers a seamless finish and offers a chic and durable alternative to natural stone.

This technically designed decorative concrete delivers a sleek polished floor that can be finished with various grades of polishing to achieve the desired look for your project. Whether your style is minimalist, rustic or contemporary, Zircon is available in a range of colours and finishes to suit any interior scheme. Also, this is a product that looks great and performs brilliantly.

Zircon is an excellent conductor of heat which means it has the benefits of being compatible with underfloor heating. Also, due to the thermal mass of Zircon in spaces with high solar gain, it will absorb heat during hours of sunlight and release the heat during the night, creating a much more comfortable and controllable even temperature within the space.

The diverse range from RTU is perfect for all types of self-build that enhance and increase both internal and external living space. Speak to their expert team and find out more about RTU’s core concrete, mortar, plaster and screed products. The team can also guide you on the RTU signature range below, and on the available technical support RTU provides along with a Supply and Fit service using only approved layers. Whether it is a workspace extension, creating more living space, or a landscaping project to make the most of the outdoors, RTU products have you covered.

The RTU Signature Range:

An aesthetically pleasing, durable and slip-resistant decorative concrete, Exposa® is the ultimate alternative to paving, asphalt, tarmac and loose gravel. What makes Exposa® stand out from the crowd is the variety of colours on offer that allows designers and architects to be bold or subtle in their design work.

Enjoy improved energy efficiency and lower running costs with underfloor heating. A key benefit of Ultraflo® is minimal drying shrinkage in comparison to cement-based screeds. Minimal drying shrinkage reduces the risk of cracking and allows areas between movement joints to be dramatically increased.

RTU’s Portland cement-based, pump applied liquid floor screed excels due to its fast-track qualities, and the speed and ease of install over traditional sand:cement screeds. Ultracem® is a diverse product that is compatible with all standard floor coverings, including tiles, wood, vinyl, carpet and wet areas.

Benefits of Zircon:
• A stylish and seamless polished finish.
• It blends to minimalist, rustic or contemporary design.
• A stunning range of colours are available.
• A non-slip finish.
• Low maintenance and easy-to-clean flooring.
• Durable and perfect for areas with high levels of traffic.
• The options of a seamless indoor and outdoor finish.
• Compatible with underfloor heating.
• High thermal mass, absorbing the heat from solar gain.

For more information visit, www.rtu.co.uk