RTU is going back to the future

By refocusing on its competencies, RTU has highlighted the key areas that it excels in and delivers value, excellent customer experience, expert consultation, and also provides the highest quality building products – founding principles that remain at the heart of everything it does. 

In reality, going ‘Back to Basics’ is about continual progression without compromising RTU’s values when making strategic decisions. Meeting responsibilities to clients, partners and the environment is essential in short- and long-term planning. Continual R&D and ongoing investment in its considerable fleet and three high-tech plants in one location remain a constant priority, as does the standard of daily operations that keeps RTU as the go-to partner and your building product supplier of choice.

Back to Basics:

Improves customer experience

A satisfied customer base is the foundation of a successful business. It is going back to basics and focusing on providing exceptional service and an all-around customer experience that strengthens relationships with them. 

Assures quality control

RTU is accredited and QSRMC approved, giving customers the peace of mind that its products meet safety, durability and quality standards. RTU products deliver building solutions that are high-performing, stable and energy efficient.

Strengthens the team

RTU teams develop a stronger knowledge and skills foundation by revisiting the basics and focusing on skills and best practices. Its dynamic products and services are based on collaboration and teamwork, giving RTU an edge in a competitive business environment.

Promotes innovation

Going back to the basics spurs innovation and creativity. RTU revisits the fundamentals, listens to clients and constantly gauges how it can make things better. In doing so, RTU can identify areas where it can improve and create new solutions to customer’s challenges.

Core range:


RTU has been supplying mortar for 30 years since introducing Tubbed Mortar in 1993 to guarantee quality, strength and greater consistency than site-mixed mortar. The accompanying coloured mortar has over 40 shades available to meet the ever-increasing assortment of brick and block designs available on the market.

Ready-mixed concrete

Quality-assured concrete mixes are produced to client specifications and meet the many challenges of modern construction. RTU offers various mixes, including pump air-entrained, fibre, reinforced, waterproofed, eco-friendly and foamed options. 


RTU plastering mortar is perfect for external and internal applications, delivered to the site when required and with no further mixing. RTU Coloured Plaster can also be used as an architectural design tool to impact certain sections or throughout an entire building.


Traditional and high-performance screeds are produced in various strengths and are available as sand/cement, fibre, polymer modified and quick drying. These products are factory produced to ensure optimum cement dispersion and are available in retarded form, providing an 8-hour working time.

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