RTU has it covered inside and out

Ultraflo® is Ireland’s only ready mixed hemihydrate liquid floor screed. It is produced in RTU’s state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities (accredited to ISO 9001), ensuring a perfect screed every time.

As a hemihydrate calcium sulphate liquid floor screed, Ultraflo’s® unique properties make it an ideal solution for all domestic or commercial projects. Being a hemihydrate screed means it does not suffer from surface laitance (a scum/dust of material adhering to the top of the screed during the curing process) and therefore requires no buffing/grinding to the floor surface. The advantages are enormous.

Ultraflo® offers improved energy efficiency with under floor heating. This is due to the fact that the heating pipes are encapsulated with Ultraflo® to a depth of only 50mm compared to 100mm with non- compacted sand and cement screed. Ultraflo® therefore allows enhanced thermal control with underfloor heating and overcomes heat lag commonly experienced with sand and cement screed, thus reducing energy costs. Ultraflo® also offers eco-friendly credentials.

Ultraflo® has a proven track record of success over more than 10 years, with thousands of happy customers throughout Ireland. It is an affordable alternative to traditional sand and cement screeds, creating a superior level finish.

Tried, tested and trusted, Ultraflo® is the only choice and the perfect partner when installing underfloor heating.

A highly durable range of decorative concrete which can be used as an alternative to traditional paving, asphalt, tarmac and loose gravel, Exposa® is a first choice for any hard landscaping project. Durable, practical, safe and flexible, with a slip resistant finish, Exposa® is ideal for residential driveways, patios, and footpaths as well as commercial applications in large pedestrianised zones.

With a natural aggregate finish, Exposa® has the durability and structural integrity of concrete. It is designed to withstand heavy traffic and extremes of weather without deterioration. With the added bene t of a low maintenance finish, both the flexibility of the product and the variety of colours of finish on offer allow designers and architects alike to be as bold or subtle in their design as required.

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