RTU Exposa® decorative concrete at Strabane Academy

Exposa® decorative concrete from RTU is the perfect choice for those wanting to blend aesthetics with functionality...

Exposa® Decorative Concrete at Strabane Academy.

Strabane Academy opened the doors of its new £21.5 million state-of-the-art campus in 2020, providing the area with a modern academic and vocational environment. Designed by Samuel Stevenson & Sons and built by Omagh-based Woodvale Construction, Strabane Academy is an exemplar community asset with both function and form that delivers a mix of energy and comfort to the interior and exterior of the campus. 

Exposa® decorative concrete from RTU is used extensively throughout Strabane Academy’s external communal areas and the pathways that connect the school and the state-of-the-art hockey pitch, rugby pitches, cricket pavilion, tennis courts and car parking facilities. Exposa® accentuates Strabane Academy’s architectural vision and aesthetic appeal while providing the necessary non-slip, low maintenance and durable finish essential for a high-traffic location.

Exposa® is an incredibly versatile range for both residential and commercial projects. Its range of colours presents various options to complement modern, traditional and contemporary styles for areas such as patios, courtyards, pathways and driveways. Exposa® enables home-owners to make a luxurious and decorative statement throughout their landscaping and the exterior design of their property while being assured of a functional and weatherproof product.


Ultrabead is a new poured insulating layer that offers a modern alternative to traditional insulating boards while providing improved thermal efficiency, productivity and economy for customers. RTU has developed this highly technical product with insulating and lightweight properties to support a wide range of construction applications for floors and flat roofs. 

This is a form of liquid engineering designed to encapsulate all service conduits, eliminating the thermal bridge and cold joints to create a uniformly insulated layer ready for the floor screed application. In addition to being an improved option over PIR/EPS insulation boards, Ultrabead’s low density acts as a lightweight void filler that improves any commercial building or home’s acoustic performance. Also, the application of Ultrabead® is incredibly efficient. Only a single layer is required. This can be mixed, pumped and poured onsite as you need it, making it quicker to install, less labour intensive and more cost effective.

Other products in the RTU Signature Range

This technically designed decorative concrete delivers a sleek, polished floor that can be finished with various grades of polishing to achieve the desired look for your project. Stylish, hardwearing and low maintenance, Zircon delivers a chic and durable alternative to natural stone.

Enjoy improved energy efficiency and lower running costs with underfloor heating. A key benefit of Ultraflo® is minimal drying shrinkage in comparison to cement-based screeds. Minimal drying shrinkage reduces the risk of cracking and allows areas between movement joints to be dramatically increased.

RTU’s Portland cement-based, pump- applied liquid floor screed excels due to its fast-track qualities and the speed and ease of install over traditional sand:cement screeds. Ultracem® is a diverse product that is compatible with all standard floor coverings, including tiles, wood, vinyl, carpet and wet areas. 

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