Roadmap to beyond net zero

MPANI comment on new roadmap to move beyond net zero by 2050...

Gordon Best, Regional Director MPANI

UK Concrete, part of the Mineral Products Association (MPA), has developed a roadmap to move beyond net zero by 2050 – removing more carbon dioxide from the atmosphere than it emits each year.

Commenting on the roadmap, Gordon Best, Regional Director MPANI says, “The Mineral Products sector in Northern Ireland are supportive and committed to the Net Zero target and the transition to lower / zero carbon fuels. Most cement used in Northern Ireland is manufactured by the companies signed up to this roadmap. However, the concrete and cement industry as one sector alone cannot deliver net zero and we will only be able to go beyond net zero with concerted support from Government, as well as with significant changes across the wider construction, energy and transportation sectors.

“MPANI are working with Members and other stakeholders on the transition to lower / zero carbon through electrification, use of zero carbon fuels such as hydrogen, expanding the use of renewable energy for crushing, screening and manufacturing of materials.

“Already a number of quarries in NI have multiple wind turbines on their sites thus greatly reducing their carbon footprint. The technology is developing and improving every year that could see zero carbon and fully automated extraction and manufacturing operations in the near future”.

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