Riverstone external cladding

MacBlair brings world-class Riverstone cladding to Irish market...

Riverstone cladding is harder, denser and stronger than slate - or any of its other competitor materials.

Builders merchant MacBlair have become the first company to offer new Riverstone external cladding from world-renowned slate and natural stone suppliers SSQ.

SSQ’s Riverstone phyllite is already used extensively around the UK and the wider world as a robust, high-end roofing material. Harder, denser and stronger than slate – or any of its other competitor materials – phyllite nevertheless splits easily during processing, and the mica particles on its surface give it an unmistakable ‘phyllitic sheen’.

But now MacBlair and SSQ are applying those same strengths to external cladding. Available in thicknesses of 1cm, Riverstone cladding differs from many slate-cladding products in that it offers a rough, natural surface on both sides. The product comes in two stylish finishes: natural split, whereby the product has been expertly hand-split to produce a traditional riven surface, and brushed antique, which results in a smooth, matt look.

Riverstone cladding is applied with the ARDEX X7G plus adhesive, and achieves EN 1542:1999 standard for tensile bond strength when fitted this way. What’s more, the product meets an impressive array of other technical performance standards – including EN1936 for density and porosity, and results of just 0.2% in EN13755 for water absorption, which means the risk for freeze-thaw damage is minimal.

SSQ founder and Managing Director Ahmed El-Helw comments, “For the best part of 20 years, we’ve been applying the fantastic strength and longevity of our Riverstone Argentinian phyllite to high-end roofing projects around the world.

“Now, we’re delighted to be able to bring the same benefits to the cladding sector – and especially pleased to be doing so through MacBlair, one of Northern Ireland’s leading builders merchants.”

To find out more about SSQ’s Riverstone phyllite cladding, contact your local MacBlair Builders Merchant or visit: www.ssqgroup.com