Ridgeway’s high security site fencing

A fencing system designed for high security sites…

Ridgeways’ Securifor 358 fencing is the ultimate in discreet high security perimeter protection. These systems combine an anti-climb and anti-cut fence with excellent through visibility.

The Securifor 358 system is designed for situations where total security is essential: warehouses, distribution centres, power plants, laboratories, computer centres, financial institutions, military sites, etc. Individual solutions can be tailored for specific applications (e.g. prisons).

Securifor 358 is a superior system for providing security where a discreet visual impact on the immediate environment is essential.

The finger-proof aperture combined with 4mm wire diameter provides a substantial barrier that is difficult to climb and break through and highly resistant to cutting with conventional bolt or wire cutters.

Specially designed for high security applications, Securifor 358 is an effective deterrent to intruders and available in various heights up to 6m.

The panels have excellent visibility characteristics and due to the flat two-dimensional profile the fence appears almost invisible. This is particularly important for unobstructed camera surveillance, either from the front or at an angle.

Considered a market standard for security applications as demonstrated by its tested performance to Secured by Design, LPCB and CPNI rated standards.

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