Rapid build is the way forward

From construction to completion, Adston has designed, manufactured and delivered, within six months, two and three bedroom houses to the Cherry Orchard site, in response to Dublin City Council’s need for social housing.

As one of the only construction companies, in Ireland and the UK, accredited in Ireland’s Build Off-site Property Assurance Scheme (BOPAS), Adston modernises traditional construction to build high quality and sustainable housing through a rapid build scheme using modular units, namely off-site modular construction.

Adston CEO, Francis Smith, said on completion of this project, “This was a great project for us. It truly gave us the opportunity to show off-site construction at its best. With high quality factory assembly units delivered direct to site, there was significantly less waste for our on-site contractors.

“Off-site construction has the potential to change the construction industry for various sectors. The end result is an airtight house with super insulation. There is no doubt these houses will make great homes and will give families a great quality of life in the years to come.”

Dublin City Council awarded Adston with the tender for the construction of these social houses in order to develop affordable housing and to meet the needs of the rapidly increasing population in Dublin.

A spokesperson of Dublin City Council said, “Adston’s wealth of knowledge and experience in the construction industry was detrimental to the success of this project and we are delighted with the result.

“Adston provided an efficient and proactive solution through offsite construction, combatting many of the traditional problems faced during construction, one in particular which we were conscious of, time. The fact that six months ago, nothing stood on the Cherry Orchard site is remarkable.”

Francis continued, “We are very proud of the high standard of workmanship in Cherry Orchard, it is a great reflection of the highly motivated and skilled team of qualified professionals who work for us.

Adston, a company, which prides itself on its reputation, its diverse range of construction methods and solutions, will complete over 160,000 square feet of new build retail and commercial space for various clients throughout Ireland and the UK, in 2017.

For more information, telephone 028 67721488 or visit adstonconstruction.com