Quinn hosts CIAT members at new Innovation Academy

The group heard a series of presentations on how the company’s technical team have developed tools and services which are designed to help the architecture fraternity in their daily work.

The presentations were followed by a number of tours of Quinn manufacturing facilities to help the attendees understand how the products which they specify to their clients are manufactured. With more and more emphasis being placed on sustainability and building performance, the technical team were able to highlight how, through their CPD seminar, the use of Quinn Building Products and a fabric first approach can help address design issues.

Quinn Building Products COO, Kevin Lunney, said that the company had put considerable resources into improving the services they provide to help building design professionals create buildings which are more sustainable and energy efficient through their initial design. A full range of these extensive services are available on Quinn Building Products website.

“Quinn Building Products has always been at the forefront of innovation in terms of the products and services we’ve introduced over the last four decades,” he said. “Now the company is reaching out directly to architectural and building professionals to highlight how specifying Quinn Lite Blocks, which have 10 times better insulating properties than traditional concrete blocks, can be used to address design issues such as Thermal Bridging.

“Our thermal bridging details, coupled with our sector-leading Building Information Modelling (BIM) services, allow professionals to accurately predict how a building will perform at the design stage. We were pleased to see the very positive reaction from the CIAT members who attended, and we look forward now to delivering our range of seminars out across Ireland and the UK.”

This CPD seminar offered CIAT members in attendance that chance to engage with Quinn Building Products Technical team to help enhance and develop their knowledge on the area of thermal bridging and other design concepts. CIAT Vice President Practice and Northern Ireland Regional Chairman Eddie Weir highlighted how the company’s latest developments are proving very popular with building professionals.

“Over the past few decades, Quinns were always very forward thinking in their attitude to helping to solve problems in the construction sector. The challenges around sustainability and curbing heat loss are central, and our members were impressed how QBP are able to demonstrate how their Quinn Lite thermal blocks can make a major impact on dealing with Thermal Bridging challenges.

He continued, “The Quinn Lite thermal block is the premier home-grown solution to the Thermal Bridging problem and as the technical experts in architecture it’s helpful that our members understand the importance of this product range and its usefulness in this situation. It’s great to see Quinn Building Products back at the forefront of providing innovative solutions.”

A range of architectural practices were in attendance on the day, also having the opportunity to try out the latest Virtual Reality technology being utilised at the innovation centre. Eamon Cushnahan of Blackbird Architecture in Dungannon said that he found the session extremely useful and well structured.

“It was really useful to hear how the problems of Thermal Bridging can be tackled through the use of Quinn products. It also helped us to understand how to best explain the benefits to our clients and how to ensure that we as professionals are as well informed as possible. I’d recommend the seminars to other members of CIAT.”

David Comiskey, who is an Architectural Technology & Management lecturer in the Belfast School of Architecture at the Ulster University, said that the product range and initiatives like this seminar can be particularly useful across the building industry,

“In the current climate it’s all about building performance, which means reducing heat loss and being able to better predict  how a building will perform once constructed. With Quinn’s developments in this area, coupled with the company’s focus on Building Information Modelling (BIM), designers using their products can begin to predict a building’s performance at the design stage, which can give peace of mind in communications with clients. The factory tours are a good confidence builder for specifiers, as they are able to see, feel and understand the products.”

Quinn Building Products offer free CPD seminars to Building Design and other Construction Professionals.  Please email technical@quinn-buildingproducts.com for further information. The Chartered Institute of Architectural Technologists (CIAT) is the lead qualifying body for architectural technology and represents those practising and studying within the discipline. For further information visit www.ciat.org.uk