Preparing patios ahead of Summer

A new patio, driveway or paved area can look great when it is first laid but the effects of weather, algae growth and general use can soon take its toll. Water ingress can also cause issues – as it seeps into the substrate softening it over time, meaning the surface can become uneven and look like it was not laid correctly. Therefore, treating and protecting the surface is important, not only for maintaining the like-new appearance for longer but also for extending the life of the paving materials.

As such, when it comes to laying new paving – whether a patio or a driveway – it’s important to use a specially formulated seal, such as Thompson’s Patio & Block Paving Seal, to enhance and protect the new areas. The solvent-based acrylic resin solution protects the surface from weathering, resists moss and algae growth, prevents dirt staining and makes the area easier to clean. This type of product can be used to protect a wide range of materials including block paving, flag stones, sandstone, limestone and granite.

Thompson’s Patio & Block Paving Seal is touch dry in approximately one hour and can be recoated after four hours. The surface can also be walked on four hours after the topcoat has dried and can accept heavy traffic after just 24 hours. However, there are solutions that will allow the job to be completed in as a little as a day, such as Thompson’s One Coat Patio & Block Paving Seal.

Whilst sealing patios will provide protection, cleaning them on a regular basis will ensure that they remain top tip condition for longer. Therefore, using a high-quality cleaner, such as Thompson’s Advanced Patio and Block Paving Cleaner, which can be used to remove ingrained dirt, mould and algae is recommended as part of maintenance. There are also cleaners available for removing oil, grease and fuel staining from paving.

Cleaning and protecting hard landscaping materials from the effects of weather and staining is essential for a long-lasting finish. Choosing high quality products, such as those from Thompson’s will help tradespeople ensure a professional finish on every job, whether on new build or renovation work.

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