Pointing the way to better sealants

Bostik delivering new innovative, high performance products...

As one of the world’s leading manufacturers of adhesive and sealants, Bostik is committed to delivering innovative, high-performance products to the marketplace. The adhesive and sealant market has always been a very important market and is currently in growth worldwide.

Joining the Bostik stable of pointing products are the newly launched All Weather Wide Jointing Compound and Express Pointing Mortar.

All Weather Wide Jointing Compound is quick and easy to apply, in all weather – even in the rain. It requires no mixing so – is ready to use, will not shrink or crack, resists weed growth, dries to a tough and durable finish and cuts down on waste. It is water permeable, allowing the paving to drain.

Simple and easy to apply with water and a squeegee, Bostik’s All Weather Wide Jointing Compound is suitable for most types of domestic paving, and can be used on paths and patios of natural stone, concrete, slate, granite slabs, terracotta and clay. It is suitable for joints from 5mm – 30mm and minimum depth of 25mm.

It is the perfect product for your customers’ patio pointing – no matter what the weather has in store. It leaves an attractive finish in next to no time. Bostik All Weather Wide Jointing Compound is available in three colours: natural, grey and basalt.

Bostik Express Pointing Mortar quickly and easily repairs damaged masonry joints in brick and stonework – without having to mix mortar. It’s ready to use and quick and easy to apply with a cartridge gun – with no mixing required and virtually no waste.

Express Pointing Mortar leaves an attractive finish in next to no time. It produces durable, weather-resistant joints, which are over paintable and easy to clean. It can be used internally and externally.

Bostik Express Pointing Mortar comes in 310ml cartridge, in cement grey colour and is available from your local Builders Merchants.

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