Pioneers of BMS – Manutec

Designing and manufacturing computerised control systems for over 40 years…

Manutec was established in 1980, when electronic controllers were first introduced in Building Management Systems (BMS).

The control of buildings expanded from hospitals into the manufacturing industry and later commercial buildings, so much so, that nowadays all kinds of facilities have BMS in place. BMS has evolved to include analytics that empower end users to significantly increase energy savings.

A well-designed BMS enables the user to make data-driven decisions including when preventative maintenance is needed. Effective use of BMS data provides accurate monitoring and targeting benchmarking, reducing operating cost and improved facilities control.

Plant maintenance can now be a revenue source rather than a cost centre, generating carbon credits. A BMS provides the user with information on the impact of inefficiencies and how to control a healthy indoor environment.

A BMS can control different elements within your building. Indoor environments are becoming extremely important and a well-designed, configured and serviced BMS provides the user with the tools to implement and maintain an optimum solution for their building. Good building control is achieved where the right temperature, pressure, humidity and air quality are tightly managed and controlled.

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