Passive House Alliance of Builders formed

The Passive House Alliance of Builders (PHAB) Network is to benefit from funding from Invest Northern Ireland’s Collaborative Network programme to develop the Passive House concept in Northern Ireland.

The Passive House standard has been proven to simultaneously provide excellent indoor air quality, thermal comfort and low energy consumption, and is regarded as the leading low-energy standard in the world. However, despite passive houses being built at no additional cost over standard houses elsewhere in Europe, few examples exist in Northern Ireland.

The network hopes to significantly increase the market for passive houses in Northern Ireland. It brings together GP Developments, Paul McAlister Architects, Moffitt and Robinson Construction, Setanta Construction, and Atlantic Air. Dr Shane Colclough, from Energy Expertise Ltd and past Chairman of the Passive House Association of Ireland, will facilitate the group to help that ensure the benefits of passive house can be enjoyed fully throughout Northern Ireland.