OKTOair to create ‘Covid-secure’ spaces for NI Schools

OKTOair offers Safeguarding Solution to NI Schools as Covid-19 transmission continues...

OKTOair captures, disinfects, and removes 99.99% of ultra-fine airborne viruses, particles, and contaminants.

As schools across Northern Ireland start to welcome students back after months of home-schooling, a pioneering air filtration system from Lisburn-based OKTO Technologies, is set to create ‘Covid-secure’ indoor spaces for pupils and teachers.

The OKTOair solution is based on specialist disinfecting technologies originally developed by the US military to combat chemical and biological warfare.

Unlike any system of its kind, OKTOair captures, disinfects, and removes 99.99% of ultra-fine airborne viruses, particles, and contaminants – including those smaller than Covid-19 – guaranteeing the air breathed by pupils and staff is fresh and healthy.

Fully scalable for buildings up to 1million sq/ft, the air filtration systems use less energy than a lightbulb and represent an investment of 17p per child per day in a typical classroom.

The AI-led solution not only monitors, manages and optimises indoor air quality, but the resulting data is displayed on a dashboard so teachers and pupils can see, at a glance, that they’re breathing the freshest, contaminant-free air.

Tested and certified by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) the new technology is widely in use across the USA. This includes over 60,000 schools in New York and Chicago, creating a safe indoor environment for over 1.5million pupils and 113,000 teachers.

As specialists in smart building and wellness technologies, OKTO is bringing the ‘clean air’ solutions to the UK and Ireland as part of it is recently launched ‘wellness’ division.  A direct response to the global demand for health and wellness solutions, the move also coincides with escalating concerns that hand sanitisers and social distancing measures are insufficient protection and safeguarding measures.

OKTOair Managing Director, Philip Dowds.

Faced with the phased re-opening and the ongoing risk of Covid-19 transmission, many local schools are keen to explore the benefits of the OKTO’s air filtration technologies, as MD Philip Dowds explains:

“The provision of a safe learning environment is crucial if we are to re-open the education sector and get the wider economy back on track.

“OKTOair is a proven, cost-effective solution which tackles the virus transmission issue and delivers peace of mind, not only in schools but across all business sectors. The added value of the dashboard means teachers can see, at a glance, that the air they are breathing is pure and contaminant-free.”

Highlighting the successful uptake of OKTOair across schools, hospitality, healthcare and retail in the US market, Philip added:

“The current focus is on schools, but the same principal applies to all aspects of working life.  Those who prioritise the health and wellbeing of their staff and customers and want to operate with confidence in a Covid-19 world and beyond, must address the growing issue of indoor air contamination.”