OfficeWorks wonders

Belfast-based company OfficeWorks brings top talent and the latest technology to the table...

(L-R) Rodney Lavender, Ross Millen, Neil Logan and Neil Millen in the new OfficeWorks showrooms.

The workplace has evolved at a rapid pace as companies realise the benefits of a comfortable and creative environment for their staff. The right workspace can do more than increase productivity – it can also be a contributing factor in recruiting the right people to begin with.

A couple of fabric wall partitions and rickety chair just won’t cut it if you’re trying to compete for the best in the talent pool. It’s not only the recent graduates who have bought into the notion of the ‘aspirational workspace’, it’s also suggested that 20% of the current workforce would actually take a salary cut in exchange for a ‘better’ workplace.

OfficeWorks is a Belfast-based company that specialises in creating contemporary commercial working environments. Combining cutting-edge technology with experienced, highly-skilled staff enables OfficeWorks to effectively and efficiently manage a project from inception through to completion.

Fit-out, refurbishment, or solely the supply of state-of-the-art office furniture, the ability to accommodate all sectors under one roof leads to lower overheads. Control the costs and you can offer increased value without compromising on quality.

“What sets us aside from many of our competitors is that we have brought everything in- house,” explained OfficeWorks’ Commercial Manager, Neil Logan. “Adapting and diversifying during economic downturns, we decided to focus on internal training rather than sub- contracting. Our staff is now multi-skilled, and we are one of the few companies in our sector who provide a full service, from raised access floors to glass walls, partitions, furniture, and acoustic solutions.”

Now working out of an impressive new showroom and project office, OfficeWorks is better placed than ever to meet clients’ needs.

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