New product launch from Unitrunk

Unitrunk launches innovative new QuickFix range...


For over 50 years Unitrunk has been known for market leading engineering and product design and their newly released QuickFix range is certainly testament to that pioneering, innovative culture.

QuickFix completes an already extensive offering of cable management solutions, which focus primarily on saving time and therefore cost during installation, while still maintaining Unitrunk’s renowned level of quality and strength.

David Morrow, Managing Director at Unitrunk comments, “Our new range of trunking enables install speeds up to six times faster and provides a cable management solution which is IP4X compliant as standard. Both these benefits will result in less time onsite and a subsequent reduction in project labour costs, something our customers always appreciate, but perhaps even more relevant in today’s more challenging climate.”

The QuickFix system includes a complete range of complementary fittings, couplers and accessories and is available to order now via your nearest Unitrunk representative.

Visit the website for full product feature details: