More connection possibilities for Cross-Laminated Timber – Simpson Strong-Tie

Simpson Strong-Tie further expands range of connectors and fasteners for Cross-Laminated Timber (CLT)…

Simpson Strong-Tie® has announced another boost to its range of connectors and fasteners intended to further strengthen and simplify CLT construction.

New products added to the suite of Eurocode 5 solutions include an improved version of the AB255 reinforced angle bracket. Now compatible the new SSH hex head screw, when combined this heavy weight duo delivers characteristic capacities of up to 48.2 kN.

For the concrete foundation connection, the CLT structural hold down range (HTT) is now available in 314mm and 403mm heights for additional installation flexibility, yet both provide up to 34.2 kN in tension resistance capacity, so there’s no compromising strength.

The Simpson Strong-Tie collated screw system Quik Drive, a fast accurate alternative to installing screws by hand, can now be used with the CSA-T screw. Designed for and tested specifically with their CLT connectors, installation of floors and walls can be noticeable quicker.

Simpson Strong-Tie Sales Director, Jon Head explains “As CLT emerged as a construction method, we were well-placed to leverage our existing range of Eurocode 5 compliant connectors. Working alongside the CLT industry since, has enabled us to rapidly build on our existing expertise and tailor new solutions dedicated to this exciting method.

We are also uniquely positioned to offer the full suite of quality approved connectors and fasteners for CLT via our nationwide network of distributors, in conjunction with the excellent service, training and technical support that is encoded in Simpson DNA”.

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