Moore Concrete’s Precast Green Evolution

ECOncrete®’s innovative Bio Active wall technology from Moore Concrete doesn’t demand the elaborate soil and watering systems that other green wall systems require.

Richard Whiteside, Sales Manager at Moore Concrete, explained, “The rugged texture and relief increase the wall’s ability to capture water, and enables plants to effectively latch onto the wall surface. Overall, the ECOncrete® Bio Active wall provides an effective, low maintenance, easily installed green wall solution.”

The Bio Active tiles are 30cm square in size and can be easily fitted to various types of existing or new buildings. As well as creating ecologically active infrastructure, the tiles themselves have been described as adding an aesthetically pleasing dimension to construction projects.

Belfast garden designer, Linda McKeown, incorporated ECOncrete® Bio Active Tiles into her award-winning garden design at the Bloom festival earlier this year. It was her ability to combine the aesthetic and structural aspects within the overall garden’s theme which most caught the judge’s eye. By common consent, the vertical wall featuring ECOncrete® Bio Active Wall Tiles formed a stunning backdrop to the overall garden.

Richard added, “For us, a great endorsement of ECOncrete® Bio Active Wall Tiles came from comments by designers and contractors alike at the Landscape Show, held in Battersea Park, London, in September. This was only surpassed by attendees voting us Best in Show.

Moore Concrete are excited to be the manufacturing and distribution partner for ECOncrete® in the UK & Ireland.”

T: 028 2565 2566 Ext 3.