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IG Masonry support supplies brick slip lintels on Bridges family practice development...

Medical practices are at the heart of communities across the world and IG Masonry Support was proud to play an important role in the stunning redevelopment of one of East Belfast’s best known: the Bridges Family Practice, formerly known as Bryson Street Surgery.
The family practice has consistently provided medical care to both Protestant and Catholic communities for more than a century, and its new moniker is a reflection of the bridging of these two groups.

Thanks to significant funding from Landmark East – The Northern Ireland Executive’s Social Investment Fund – this vital community asset has been transformed into a state-of-the-art facility that will continue to serve its people for years to come. In its new glory, the practice boasts extensive amenities including interview and treatment rooms, children’s play and waiting area, facilities and access for wheelchair users and minor surgery capabilities.

The Challenge

East Belfast residents will recognise that the new building has retained one feature – its unique, curved wall with a projecting soffit at its entrance. In order to maximise the visual impact of the wall, funding was secured through the Northern Ireland Executive’s Urban Villages Initiative to commission a piece of art for this iconic exterior.
IG Masonry Support – a company which continually meets customers’ high expectations in terms of quality – was tasked with crafting a bespoke Brick Slip Lintel that curved with this shape of the building’s entrance.

The Solution

IG Masonry Support’s teams brought into play their skill, craft and expertise to create a Brick Slip Lintel that accentuated this architectural finish and fitted seamlessly with the constructed brickwork. IG Masonry Support also produced Brick Slip Lintels above each
of the windows, which required a brick soffit. IG Masonry Support’s Brick Slip Lintels can be used over small openings to eliminate the need for additional masonry support. Supplied in stainless steel or galvanised steel, IG Masonry Support’s Brick Slip Lintels have the same profile as a standard lintel and are delivered to site as a one-piece unit, complete with brick slips attached, eliminating the need for specialist installation on site.

These solutions are produced off-site in a factory-controlled environment, which ensures that the bonding process occurs in optimum controlled conditions free from wet weather, extreme temperature variations and excessive dust. With thousands of installations completed over the past decade, IG Masonry Support’s Brick Slip system is a proven and reliable solution, which provides maximum BBA-certified adhesion of the brick slips.
The use of IG Masonry Support’s Brick Slip Lintels will ensure the iconic curved wall of the Bridges Family Practice’s entrance looks good and performs well into its bright future.

Key benefits of IG Masonry Support’s Brick Slip Lintels:
• Manufactured bespoke to requirements
• Simply installed as a standard lintel
• Blends seamlessly with already constructed brickwork
• Prefabricated for major reduction in on-site labour requirement
• Cost saving
• BBA Certified

Project Team…
Client: Bridges Family Practice
Products used: IG Masonry Support Brick Slip Lintels
Main Contractor: Canavan Construction
Architect: Hall Black Douglas Architects

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