Manufacturers urged to digitise product data

New initiative urges manufacturers in the construction industry to digitise product data to reduce risk...

The project is supported by the Institution of Engineering and Technology, Construction Products Europe and the UK BIM Alliance.

A new initiative aims to get manufacturers in the construction industry to take ownership of their product information.

The project is producing a Plain Language Guide for manufacturers setting out why digital product data is important and how manufacturers can benefit by taking simple low-cost steps. The project is supported by the Institution of Engineering and Technology, Construction Products Europe and the UK BIM Alliance.

The risks to manufacturers of analogue methods of handling data are considerable, Patricia Massey of Electrium explains, “The Grenfell tragedy has shown our industry that knowing where your products are is essential to public safety, but it also protects manufacturers.

“The new Building Safety Bill requires building owners to certify their buildings are safe, and that requires knowing what is in them.”