Lights, camera, action for JP Corry

Building supplier, JP Corry, has been Tensar’s Northern Ireland distribution partner since January 2016, supplying Tensar’s subgrade stabilisation, pavement optimisation and soil reinforcement products and solutions across the region.

One year on, and the collaboration is paying real dividends for both companies and their customers.

At the Belfast Harbour Studios, being built next to Belfast Lough, Tensar’s TriAx geogrid played a key role in mitigating long-term settlement of the car parking and hardstanding areas. JP Corry supplied 12,000m2 of Tensar’s TriAx TX160 and TX170 to the project between June and December last year.

“The studios are being built on Giant’s Park on Belfast’s North Foreshore where the ground is very weak,” explained Tensar Area Civil Engineer, Niall Murphy. “There were concerns that settlement could occur, which would damage the pavement structure. We worked with main contractor, O’Hare & McGovern, and consultant, RPS Group, to develop a stabilisation solution using TriAx.

“Placing the TriAx geogrid in the aggregate created a flexurally stiff layer. When a load is applied, granular particles partially penetrate through the geogrid’s apertures, confining and restraining them from moving both vertically and laterally. This stabilising effect allowed O’Hare & McGovern to build pavements capable of carrying the anticipated traffic loads.”

Belfast Harbour’s £20million development includes studios, sound stages, workshops and offices covering 3ha. The new facility aims to capitalise on Northern Ireland’s growing reputation as a place to make films and television series, such as HBO’s Game of Thrones.

JP Corry’s Managing Director, Ciaran McConnell, said, “We were very excited about the opportunities the partnership would open up and so we are delighted to be involved with this landmark project. Tensar has a global reputation for innovation and technical excellence and its solutions, in particular the class-leading TriAx, are a fantastic fit with our product portfolio and our network of 16 branches across Northern Ireland.”

Niall added that Northern Ireland is a key market for Tensar.

“Partnering with JP Corry is an excellent way for us to work with customers in the region and it also gives JP Corry access to the expertise of our international technical team and our global support network.

“The Belfast Harbour Studios project is a great example of what we call ‘Joined-Up Thinking’ – the application of clever technical solutions, combined with collaboration between customers, engineers, contractors and suppliers,” he said.

“Together, we can deliver pavement and structural designs that save significant time and money during construction and extend the operating life of assets, thus minimising maintenance and whole life costs.”

For more information on JP Corry, call 028 9024 3661 or visit to find your nearest branch. For details on Tensar’s subgrade stabilisation, pavement optimisation and soil reinforcement products and solutions, visit