Leadax – the new lead

Described as a new generation of lead alternative, Leadax meets all the requirements of the construction professional. The product is easy to use and is also easier on the pocket than the traditional version. From cavity walls to chimneys, Leadax is used and processed in exactly the same way as lead, with no compromise. With extensive experience in the production of lead alternatives, Leadax has developed a product that matches the unique characteristics of original lead.

The basic raw material is recycled PVB – the foil that is used in laminated glass (e.g. car windows or safety glass). Independent tests have shown that Leadax has the same waterproofing properties as traditional lead and can be applied by hand in even the most extreme weather conditions. It is available in longer roll lengths (6 and 12m) and widths, allowing for a rapid install time and comes in lead grey as standard although black, roof tile red, copper and other colours are available on request. Leadax also leaves no staining on roof tiles and is guaranteed to last for 20 years. Leadax is ideal for use as a water barrier in (cavity) walls and under casings. It can also be used at the intersection between chimney bases and roof tiles and at chimney flashings to provide a water barrier. According to IKO, the product can also be applied to the base of dormers and skylights as a waterproofing layer at the joint between dormer side walls and tiled roofs. It is also ideal for use as a prefab element; it reduces the time required for installation and manufacturing and there is no risk of construction errors.

Distributed by IKO, Leadax is also cheaper to buy than traditional lead and because the product is faster to install, installation costs are also lower. Unlike traditional water-resistant materials, Leadax does not contain any heavy metals. The product also boasts the same natural look as traditional sheet lead, without leaving any staining on roof tiles or masonry. Leadax has been certified by both BBA and KIWA.

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