The innovative master key for every lock

For fitters, electricians and facilities managers who are confronted with numerous locking systems on a daily basis, finding and carrying keys can be a major hassle. With the innovative KNIPEX TwinKey however, they will never again have to ask themselves if they have the right key for the job.

The KNIPEX TwinKey has 10 keys which fit into all established locking systems as well as exotic locking systems. Whether it is heating and air-conditioning units, gas and water supply and shut off systems, or access to a fuse box, the easy to grip and turn TwinKey fits them all.

The TwinKey is an eight-armed spider wrench and consists of two cross keys cleverly connected by a magnet. When unclamped, they remain connected to each other by a stable stainless steel wire, so they cannot get lost.

The KNIPEX TwinKey also includes a ¼“ reversible bit for slotted screws (1.0 x 7 mm) and PH2 cross-recessed screws. Both crosses of the weight optimised zinc die-cast universal key feature quality coated surfaces for durability, differing in appearance, one matt and the other shiny.

A real time saving innovation from KNIPEX, the TwinKey is the neat answer for all trades, which regularly have to ask themselves “Do I have the right key with me?”

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